​​Adlerian theory emphasizes the significance of overcoming inferiority complexes and finding a sense of belonging to succeed and be happy. 

It is a comprehensive approach to psychology. This idea emphasizes the value of interpersonal relationships and civic engagement in fostering personal development. 

This article explores the application of Adlerian theory. It also goes through the effectiveness of Adlerian therapy and how to find the right therapist.

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Price Comparison for Adlerian Therapy

Even while you might feel more secure with a certification only applicable to Adlerian treatment, it is not required. However, your therapist should be a certified counselor or therapist.

Given that they are licensed, you may anticipate that their rates will be comparable to those of other therapists in your area. You can typically anticipate paying between $150 and $350 for each session. 

On the other hand, BetterHelp offers more regular contact possibilities. The charges for therapy with BetterHelp are $60 to $90 weekly. For instance, BetterHelp provides users the choice of messaging a therapist in addition to participating in a live virtual therapy session.

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Understanding Adlerian Therapy

Adler and Sigmund Freud started working together in 1902. However, although having a similar interest in the unconscious, they finally had a complete falling out over their divergent views on the nature of personality and the causes of mental health problems. 

Adler built his ideas based on his in-depth observations as a doctor and therapist, and he rose to fame both domestically and abroad.

Since many of Adler’s ideas and techniques have been incorporated into several contemporary psychological theories and therapeutic approaches, his legacy has only improved.

He had a significant impact on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy and was an obvious forerunner of Existential Therapy.

In the context of one’s community and society at large, Adler concentrated most of his study on sentiments of inferiority versus superiority, discouragement, and a sense of belonging.

Furthermore, Adler contends that while feeling inferior might lead to neurotic behavior, it can also serve as inspiration to work more and achieve more. 

Adlerian therapy strongly emphasizes the growth of each patient’s unique personality while acknowledging and respecting how interrelated all people are.

Effectiveness of Adlerian Therapy

Adlerian thinking sees each person as a whole rather than merely a combination of actions, beliefs, and influences. Adler emphasized that in order to find out where growth might start, we must examine the person as a whole. 

The individual in issue could believe that their other traits are unimportant if we just focused on their negative habits, for instance. Children behave better when encouraged to feel respected and appreciated, just like adults do. 

It is challenging to pinpoint exactly what makes Adlerian Treatment unique, given how influential it has grown over time and how much of the DNA of so many various forms of therapy it has influenced. 

Problems are less important to Adlerian therapists since they are seen as symptoms of underlying problems that need to be addressed. Since Adler’s passing, Adlerian Therapy has gained more respect and recognition as a successful therapeutic approach. 

According to one study, an Adlerian group counseling intervention helped university students feel more authentic. Some of Adler’s most important theories may have neurological foundations, according to research.

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To support the work of the people working on TherapyHunter.com, we may receive compensation if you sign up for online counseling through the links provided.

Stages of Adlerian Therapy

One of the fundamental principles of Adlerian treatment is that a client’s sense of fitting in with their neighborhood and society must be considered while examining individual behavior. 

In certain circumstances, this extends to birth order and how a person’s place in the family influences their personality development and how they interact with others in the future.

These therapists focus on helping those who require encouragement and counseling that is upbeat and focused on the future. The four stages of Adlerian treatment are as follows:


Engagement entails strengthening the bond between the patient and the therapist. This therapist fosters a cooperative relationship because she is encouraging, kind, and supportive.


Although the focus of Adlerian therapy is on the impact of birth order and early memories, the therapist may also try to understand the patient’s family dynamics, significant past experiences, and the nature and causes of different thought patterns.


After gaining additional knowledge about the patient, insight entails determining why the patient behaves in a particular way and assisting the patient in developing a new perspective on their situation. 

The therapist may explain how the patient’s past influences their present and what could result in dysfunctional or harmful behaviors.


In order to promote more adaptable and flexible thinking and reinforce the fresh insights gained during sessions, the therapist assists the patient in developing new ways of thinking and active strategies to use outside therapy.

For patients to be more successful in achieving their intended goals, the focus is often on re-framing the attitudes, beliefs, and lifestyle decisions that obstruct accomplishment.

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Adlerian Therapist Online or Near Me

If you are looking for an Adlerian therapist, a therapist seeing you virtually can find it challenging to pay close attention to expressions and body language, which are crucial to comprehending your partnership. 

The platform you choose to connect matters much less than your relationship with a therapist and the services they offer. The platform where you connect with a therapist well is the best. 

However, there are a few features that the online therapy platform you use should have and a few more that will increase the likelihood of connecting with and finding a fantastic match.

Find a qualified therapist who specializes in or has training in the kind of therapy you desire. You may look for a therapist by specialization, accessibility, and cost. The therapist’s personality is revealed through the therapist’s profile and introduction films. 

In this regard, your best option is to seek therapy from BetterHelp, an acclaimed online therapy platform. The majority of therapists use a variety of strategies, such as CBT, DBT, and person-centered therapy. 

More than 20,000 qualified therapists are available for quick and inexpensive online treatment through BetterHelp. Fill out a short form to get matched with the best therapist. 

No matter where you are in life or how you feel, whether you have a mental illness or are searching for assistance, therapy can be helpful. Regrettably, receiving mental health care may be costly, and understanding insurance plans can be challenging.

One of BetterHelp’s key advantages over in-person counseling is that virtual therapy is an economical choice that is simple to start and handy to fit into your busy schedule.

Finding a Therapist Near You

Should you decide to get in-person therapy and want a therapist nearby, you should start your search online. You can do a quick search on the internet or visit directories with certified therapist listings for your city or region. 

Keep in mind that this may only work if you live in an urban area as it may be hard to find a therapist in rural or remote areas. In such cases, you can resort to online therapy. 

When you speak to the therapist, discuss Alderian therapy and if they can provide the techniques illustrated in this kind of therapy. 


Any psychological condition or mental illness can be successfully treated using evidence-based Adlerian therapy. 

If it best serves the interests of the persons involved, Adlerian therapy may be combined with other therapeutic modalities. Such as play therapy, art therapy, and culturally sensitive counseling. 

Adlerian therapists frequently work in educational institutions. Just like clinics, hospitals, schools, businesses, and other public spaces to foster a sense of community and respect among all students.


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