Before we discuss how to find the best sexologist, including online consultation with sexologist, it’s necessary to appreciate that you’re interested in seeking help for your sexual problems. Even in this day and age, many people shy away from acknowledging and thereby working on issues in their sex life.

A quick search for a ‘certified sexologist near me’ may result in some pretty graphic advertisements that may simply put you off. But this guide will discuss the real deal, giving you the knowledge you need before going for sex therapy, as well as some tips and tricks to find the best sexologist.

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Some kind of sexologist might be difficult to find on some locations, that’s why we’ll give you our advices on online solutions such as or

Price comparison between a physical & an online sexologist

Physical therapy for solo clients is often seen by the sexologist for 45-60 minutes at a cost of $120 to $180, while relationships/couples are typically seen for 75-90 minutes at a cost of $190 to $310.

However, online therapy is comparatively reasonable. For instance, BetterHelp fees are $60 to $90 each week, depending on the BetterHelp plan you choose. If you sign up for a month’s worth of BetterHelp services, you’ll be charged $240 – $360. 

On the other hand, ReGain is $60 to $90 each week, and memberships are invoiced on a monthly basis. Online therapy can be useful for those who have sex-related issues that are unrelated to those they have with a partner.

BetterHelp Physical Therapy

$60 to $90 a week

(1 live session per week)

$60 to $90 each week
(Live session every week)

Solo Client – $120 to $180 

(45-60 minutes per session)

$240 – $360 One Month

Get 15% off on

Check on

Couples – $190 to $310

(75-90 minutes per session)

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What is a Sexologist?

Before typing ‘sexologist clinic near me’ or ‘sexologist near my location,’ take the time to understand what a sexologist is and what they offer. This will help you determine whether they can help you with your specific problems.

A sexologist or sex therapist is a trained professional who has studied human sexuality, including functions, behaviors, and interests. They also have good knowledge of psychology because the brain plays a major role in sexuality.

Sexology is highly interdisciplinary in nature, so sexologists may provide therapy, education, or conduct research in the field.

However, for the better part of their career, sexologists provide sex therapy.

It’s important to understand that while sex therapists are essentially psychologists/therapists, not all therapists are sexologists. So when searching for a ‘sexologist near me,’ make sure to find a trained and preferably certified sexologist (more on that later).

What is Sex Therapy?

Sex therapy is a type of talk therapy that exclusively focuses on sexuality and sex. It helps address and resolve problems for individuals and couples related to sexual performance, needs, behavior, and thoughts.

Sex therapy is similar to any other talk therapy where a therapist talks about the issues the client faces. This means that this therapy requires open communication with the therapist about issues you may not necessarily be comfortable discussing. However, sex therapists are trained to provide a comfortable environment for the clients to talk about it openly.

While sex therapy is a broad field, the premise of this kind of therapy is that it provides a neutral party to discuss your problems with, one who is an expert at the subject.

Now, you may ask what kind of problems sex therapy can help with. Well, sex therapy and sexology, in general, can help with the following issues:

  • Low or excessive libido
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Lack of stimulation
  • Inability to orgasm
  • Addiction to porn or masturbation
  • Sex addiction
  • Distressing sexual desires
  • Difficulty understanding or accepting one’s sexuality

This is in no way an exhaustive list as there may be other issues related to sex you may be dealing with and need help with.

It’s important to mention that sexual problems may also be caused by medical reasons, which is many times the case. Sex therapy may not help with medical issues, and for that, you’ll need to see a medical doctor.

In short, sex therapy can help you improve your sex life, which, in turn, helps you lead a healthy life. It can also prove instrumental in improving your relationship with your partner.

Do I Need to See a Sexologist?

You may think that you need sex therapy and type in ‘sexologist doctors near me.’ Before you do that, it helps to identify whether you need it in the first place or not.

While sex therapy and sexologists can sometimes even help people who believe their sex life is pretty satisfactory, they can help you better if you know what issues you’re facing. So the first task at hand is identifying the issue.

Do you not feel as excited about sex as you used to? Do you think you’re watching too much porn? Or do you have trouble reaching orgasm? Ask the necessary questions before looking for a sexologist.

More importantly, you may want to first consult with a physician to check if a medical issue is an underlying cause. For example, in men, erectile dysfunction may arise as a side effect of medication. Therefore, for such problems, especially related to sexual dysfunction, it’s best to first see a physician.

If your problem is more psychological, such as unwanted or bizarre sexual thoughts, then you can directly consult a sexologist.

Human sexuality is highly complicated and interconnected with genetics, childhood, and even experiences as an adult. Many times you may not even think that there’s a sexual problem that warrants sex therapy.

One way to identify whether you need to see a sexologist is to see if your sex life is impacting the overall quality of life. If sex is leading to unhappiness, confusion, frustration, or emotional stress, it’s time to see a sexologist.

Looking for a sexologist?
Get matched with a certified sexologist doctor online.

How to Find a Sexologist Near Me?

As many as 31 percent of men and 43 percent of women report some level of sexual dysfunction in their life. Now, that’s saying a lot!

You may need to search for a ‘clinical sexologist near me’ for a variety of reasons. However, knowing where to look can cut your search time in half. Thanks to predatory advertisements, it’s easier to lose focus and end up paying for something that doesn’t benefit you.

Also, as mentioned before, not every psychologist or psychiatrist is a sexologist. That makes it a little more challenging to find a sexologist, especially one near you.

Here are some ways to find a qualified sex therapist:

Consult a Physician or Therapist

The best place to begin looking for a sexologist near you is with your very own physician or therapist. If you have made the effort to see a doctor in order to find if there’s a physical cause for your sexual problem, you can also ask them to refer you to a sex therapist should they find no medical issue.

Similarly, if you’re already seeing a therapist for any other reason, you can ask them to refer a sexologist. They might be able to recommend a sexologist that’s located near you and qualified to provide the services you seek.

Online Sexologist

If you live in a small town, especially in a remote location, finding a therapist, let alone a sexologist, becomes a difficult task.

This is where sexologist online consultation comes in, which takes place completely online.

Many therapists have moved to online therapy sessions, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic. So it wouldn’t be difficult to find a sex therapist to work with, even if there’s one not available near you.

There are numerous therapy platforms today that have certified therapists delivering online therapy. & offers the best sexologist online consultation through its growing list of vetted, certified sex therapists who can help individuals as well as couples.

You’ll be matched with a sexologist directly once you fill in the initial form while signing up. Make sure to indicate that you need help with sexual problems. You can also easily combine other therapies with sex therapy.

If you’re specifically looking for an online female sexologist, you can also indicate your preference.

Therapy Clinics

There are many clinics dedicated to mental well-being that host many different types of therapists. If you specifically want a sexologist near me, visiting a mental healthcare clinic is a good idea. They might have a sexologist as well in their roster.

Doing a quick search on the internet for a therapy clinic in your city or town can get you the contact details. You can directly call them and ask if they have a sexologist as well. If they have a website, directly visit the website to see what kind of therapists they have and what qualifications they have.

Sexual Health Clinics

While most sexual health clinics mostly cater to the medical side of sexual health, i.e., treating sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), they might also have a sex counselor on board. In fact, if you’re looking for free sex therapy or counseling, a sexual health clinic is the best place to start with.

Even if they don’t have a sexologist, they may be able to refer you to one.

Psychologist Directories

If you’ve typed ‘clinical sexologist near me,’ you’ll have a hard time finding one that works for you. An easier way is to directly search on any of the many well-maintained web directories with all the information about therapists.

The benefit of using a directory is that these often only have certified therapists, filtered according to their specialty.

Here are some directories you can use to search for a certified sexologist:

  • The American College of Sexologists: This website maintains a comprehensive list of sexologists who have completed training and registered with the American College of Sexologists. This also has sexologists from Canada and some other countries.
  • Aasect Referral: The American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists is a reputable certifying organization for sexologists. It has a list of members for every state. So you may be able to find one near you.

If you’re in a region other than North America, you can also search for a directory for therapists based in your country. For instance, if you’re in the UK, you can search the database of the College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists (COSRT).

sexologist near my location

How to Choose a Sexologist?

Locating a sexologist is one thing and picking the right one is another. In addition to searching ‘sexologist near me,’ you may want to pay attention to a few more things.

Gender: Male or Female Sexologist

It’s completely fine if you’re comfortable talking to a sexologist of the same sex as you or the opposite. It’s important for you, as a client, to be comfortable talking about sex and the problems you may be having.

So if you’re looking for ‘sexologist doctors for male near me,’ you can go with a male sexologist. Similarly, if you searched for a ‘online female sexologist,’ you should go with a female sexologist.


While sex therapy itself is a specialty, there are more areas a sex therapist may specialize in. For instance, many people search for ‘ayurvedic sexologist near me.’ These therapists may utilize ayurvedic medicine along with therapy.

Similarly, if you’re in a same-sex relationship looking for a sexologist, you may want to consult one who specializes in LGBT sexual issues. Some of us might want an African American sexologist, there is all kind of sexologist and it’s important to find the one you’ll be comfortable with..

Cost and Insurance

If you have public or private health insurance, you would ideally want to see a sexologist covered by your insurance provider. However, that may not always be the case, as many insurance plans don’t cover therapy.

That means that you may have to pay out of pocket, so you should also look for the session rate before finalizing your pick. In comparison to in-person sex therapy, sexologist online consultation from a platform like is much more affordable.


Looking for the so-called best sexologist near me is a tedious task but can be made easier if you search at the right place. It’s always best to ask around, especially other health experts. Then, you can start searching online.

Make sure to do a phone consultation before booking a session. This will help you ensure that you’ve picked the right sexologist.

If you can’t find a clinical sexologist near you, remember that online sex therapy is always a viable option. Perhaps online therapy may even work better for some people.


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