People can now interact with qualified mental health specialists from the comfort of their homes by using online counseling. Traditional face-to-face treatment sessions can be replaced with online counseling.

You can communicate with therapists through texting, video calls, live chats, and phone calls on online therapy websites such as BetterHelp. Online therapy provides clients a lot of freedom in terms of how they want to connect with their therapist.

BetterHelp is one of the most popular online counseling platforms with a global reach. They have credentialed practitioners with the same credentials as those found in a therapist’s office.

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Price Comparison in-person vs online therapy in NZ

Traditional in-person therapy appointments can cost up to NZD 150 per session and are frequently more expensive than utilizing for online treatment, which includes a combination of texting and weekly live sessions. 

BetterHelp charges customers on a monthly bases. Their weekly plan costs between USD 60 (NZD 90) and USD 90 (NZD 138) each week for a 30-45 minutes session and unlimited messages.

On the other hand, the monthly cost ranges from USD 240 (NZD 365) and USD 360 (550) each month for four monthly 30-45 minutes sessions. Both the plan consists of an unrestricted conversation with your counselor. 

Comparatively, BetterHelp offers a less expensive therapy option and provides you with the choice to change therapist anytime during the therapy, that is, if you are not happy with the therapist you are assigned. 

Traditional Therapy BetterHelp

Up to NZD 150 per session

45 to 60 minutes session

USD 60 (NZD 90) to USD 90 (NZD 138) each week

One live session weekly


USD 240 (NZD 365) to USD 360 (550) each month

Four live sessions monthly

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BetterHelp New Zealand

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BetterHelp New Zealand

BetterHelp was one of the first e-therapy services to launch in 2013, making it a pioneer in the sector. It was established by Alon Matas, a technology expert who had struggled with depression for a long period. 

He was struck by the realization that, despite his wealth, he still struggled to find the proper fit and the best sort of support accessible in terms of therapist quality. 


BetterHelp offers a wide range of services and features ideal for anybody seeking a platform that provides mental health treatment. They provide live counseling sessions in a variety of forms, including live chats. 

You will be given the choice to choose the format that best matches your needs, an option that is not available in traditional therapy. 

You can always make sure you have a designated location in your house to help you focus better during your live therapy sessions. This can be a quiet corner of your room, a friend’s home, or any other place you are comfortable.

BetterHelp’s therapists must meet stringent qualifications and experience requirements. They have professional therapists, clinical social workers, general counselors, and other professionals. The following are the areas in which they specialize in delivering treatment:

Looking for a specialist in New Zealand?
Get matched with the right therapist you need online.

To support the work of the people working on, we may receive compensation if you sign up for online counseling through the links provided.

Credentialed Therapists

BetterHelp therapists are guaranteed to be completely credentialed, having passed all required exams, education, training, and practice. Before applying to BetterHelp, individuals must also complete a minimum of 1,000 hours and three years of clinical practice experience.

Therapists have been certified by their state’s board. Furthermore, they also go through peer review, results monitoring, and ongoing training and support after joining BetterHelp. 

Therapists that use BetterHelp’s platform are held to a high level. While the firm claims that it is not responsible for patient-counselor interactions, it certainly goes to great lengths to guarantee that the therapists are qualified, experienced, and highly regarded.

It may also be more convenient to speak with an online therapist. You will not have to waste time driving to appointments or trying to squeeze appointments into your already packed schedule.

For those who are worried about their privacy, they will find BetterHelp to be an amazing choice. The best feature which BetterHelp offers is that individuals have the option to remain anonymous. Individuals can use a nickname, and their data is kept confidential. 

Sign-up Process

BetterHelp is one of the most popular online counseling options. It is preferred by many individuals over traditional in-person treatment.

The sign-up procedure is simple and precise, with clear instructions at every stage. You will be asked questions about yourself as well as what you want in a therapist. 

BetterHelp analyzes your replies to determine the issues you wish to address in treatment, connect you with a qualified therapist, and learn about your financial situation. 

How It Works

You will start by answering demographic questions before moving on to therapy choices and providing information about your general health. You can sign up using your Google or Facebook account or by just providing your email address and creating a password.

To validate your account, BetterHelp will send you a code through email. You are not required to give your actual name or indicate your preferences in terms of gender, age, religion, and sexual orientation.

Then, choose from anxiety, addiction, coping with life transitions, relationship challenges, career coaching, and parenting as areas in which you would prefer your therapist to have the expertise. Finally, describe what brought you to BetterHelp in a few words. 

A sophisticated algorithm connects you with a therapist who meets all or most of your needs based on all of the information you filled in the form. If your therapist is not a good fit for you, you can easily switch at any moment.

Following your sign-up, you will be sent to the “Welcome to BetterHelp” page, which includes a more detailed description of how therapy works and a comparison table between BetterHelp and traditional treatment. 

Lastly, you will receive an email from BetterHelp after receiving your match, followed by an automated introduction email from your therapist with a link to see and react. The organization values quality and frequently asks for input so that it can enhance your experience.

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Financial Aid

Finding affordable therapy can be difficult, especially if you are seeking help after a recent traumatic event like losing a loved one or leaving a toxic relationship.

BetterHelp offers professional counseling accessible, inexpensive, and easy for everyone facing mental health-related issues at any time and in any location. They offer financial assistance for those who cannot afford therapy. 

In order to determine if you are eligible, BetterHelp will ask you to fill out a brief form asking for details about your job status and monthly income. You may be required to provide your tax return or other financial paperwork to demonstrate your financial situation.

Additionally, you can text, call, or video message your therapist and receive replies for a lower cost than in-person treatment. You may also communicate with your therapist via weekly or monthly video therapy sessions, depending on your plan. 

Final Thoughts

People seek online care for mental health disorders and requirements because of the demand for quick, accessible, and convenient therapeutic solutions.

Online therapy platforms’ popularity has grown as more people seek mental health care and seek improved accessibility and affordability. BetterHelp has a great pricing plan for low-income individuals.

Keep in mind that most therapists on BetterHelp are from the US, so there’s a significant time difference between the US and New Zealand. However, you can work with your therapist to find a time that is convenient for both. 

BetterHelp connects you to a large number of licensed and professional therapists who can assist you. They are accessible and simple to use, with services available via live video, phone calls, chat room messages, and live chat.


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