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Bpd Newsletter – Tips on how to keep a “favorite person” friendship healthy:


Time Apart

Spending too much time with anyone isn’t healthy. When the favorite person is not around, the BPD individual would feel abandoned and would convince themselves that they will never see the other person again and that they hated them. In such circumstances, the BPD person can use the time apart to go out and do things instead of wallowing in their sadness. This way, they would have things to tell them about when they do see him again. Having a clear plan of when they are are going to spend time together helps the person plan what to do to keep their mind busy when the other person isn’t around. Then they can make the most of the time they do spend together.

Include Others

Spending time together with other people would really help the friendship with the other person for various reasons. Firstly, it would help the BPD person focus less intensely on the favorite person when there are others around. The person can focus on engaging in other conversations and focus less on what their favorite person would be saying and doing. That person would be able to rebuild and strengthen friendships with other friends that may have been neglected.

Don’t Act Impulsively

Sometimes, a BPD person may misjudge situations. They can make mountains out of molehills and cause storms in teacups with ease. They can get so caught up in how they feel in the moment that they may overlook the rational and head straight for impulsive reactions. However, if that person walks away for a moment and thinks about it, they can rationalize things much better. As a result, they may de-escalate their instinct to start an argument, stop themselves from saying something they don’t mean and generally can come back with a much more logical response.


Once aware and informed about the favorite person bpd, it would be helpful for the BPD person’s relationship, to explain to the other person about the “favorite person” concept and what it meant to the person’s relationship. This would be a big and risky step. But it would generally help the other person as well to understand what would be going on. Being honest in the conversation, helps both persons to understand what might be happening in future encounters or disagreements.


It is healthy for the person to know that they can be forgiven if mistakes are made in the relationship. No one gets it right all the time. There is no exact science to having a healthy FP friendship, just like there is no guidebook on how to be an FP. So when mistakes are made, it helps to talk about whatever has happened, draw a line under it, forgive and wipe the slate clean.

Having a favorite person isn’t always easy. It can be an incredibly stressful thing to understand and even harder to gain any control over. But, friendship with the other person can be stronger and healthier than one could have thought possible.


Help for BPD

If you live with borderline personality disorder, there is help available for you at the touch of a button. Go to this link for further information for the nearest therapist near you or online.

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