While teletherapy services have been around for a long time, current events such as the pandemic have brought this sector to the forefront of the telehealth business. 

Therapy is a vital tool whether you need help managing stress or have been battling anxiety for years. You might be astonished at how much a single individual can help you manage your symptoms and improve your behavior patterns.

Online treatment platforms like BetterHelp and Cerebral have exploded in popularity because they provide the flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and convenience that traditional therapy approaches typically lack.

Cerebral is one of the newest players with subscription plans that include extensive online counseling, prescriptions, and free medicine delivery.  It specializes in anxiety, depression, and insomnia therapy.

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Price Comparison Cerebral vs In-Person therapy

Traditional therapy charges range from $100 to $200 per session depending on the therapist, location, and your preference. These sessions last for 50-55 minutes.

On the other hand, Cerebral provides three therapy options, all of which are billed monthly.

The three plans are as follows:

  1. Medication and Care Counseling Plan: $85 per month and includes a medical provider’s examination, diagnosis, and, if necessary, a prescription, as well as monthly video or phone sessions with your counselor.
  2. Therapy Plan: For $259 each month, you get weekly video or phone sessions with a certified therapist, as well as the opportunity to message your therapist at any time.
  3. Medication and Therapy Plan: For $325 per month, you can get all of the benefits of the previous two plans.

The cost of the medicine will be invoiced individually for both plans including the ability to acquire a prescription. However, it will be automatically supplied to your house monthly.

While you are assured weekly talk therapy sessions, the Cerebral website does not specify how long those sessions would last. 

Cerebral  Traditional Therapy

Medication and Care Counseling Plan

$85 per month

(Includes a medical provider’s examination, diagnosis, and, if necessary, a prescription, as well as monthly video or phone sessions with your counselor)

$100 to $200 per session

(50-55 minutes)

Therapy Plan

$259 per month

(a weekly video or phone sessions with a certified therapist, and 24/7 message communication with your therapist)


Medication and Therapy Plan

 $325 per month

(You can get all of the benefits of the previous two programs)

cerebral cost

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About Cerebral

Cerebral is a teletherapy and pharmaceutical management platform that specializes in assisting those who are suffering from anxiety, depression, or insomnia. Their therapists also treat bipolar disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in several jurisdictions.

Furthermore, Cerebral offers diagnosis, therapy, and care counseling to members who have qualifying coverage, as well as any prescription medicine supplied to your home or delivered to your pharmacy. 

On the Cerebral platform, you may view and call your medical appointments. Cerebral explains its treatment alternatives, subscription regulations, and cancellation and refund procedures. 

This service aims to remove barriers to mental health treatment such as fear of judgment and financial constraints, check our full review of Cerebral.


Cerebral provides both conversation therapy and drug management. Medication management is presently accessible in all 50 states, as well as Washington, D.C., although talk therapy is only offered in 30 states.

The treatment you receive at Cerebral will vary based on who your provider is. Cerebral therapists now provide the following therapeutic techniques:

  • Cognitive Behavioral therapy 
  • Breathing exercises 
  • Grounding exercises 
  • Stress management

Cerebral’s therapists are all licensed in their respective states. The care counselors are qualified therapists, as their role is to give extra support and monitor your progress rather than to perform the treatment.

After you have signed up for your plan, your prescriber or therapist will contact you to set up an initial meeting so that you and your prescriber or therapist can discuss your treatment options.

All of your weekly or monthly live sessions will be scheduled immediately in your private user portal on a desktop or on the Cerebral app from there. 

You may send messages to your providers at any time using this site. Your therapist will also check in with you once a month to see how you are doing, answer any concerns you might have, and work with you to resolve any problems. 

You can request a switch with your care counselor, send a message through the contact page, or phone the company’s customer care line during business hours if you are unhappy with your prescriber or therapist.

Looking for a specialist?
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To support the work of the people working on TherapyHunter.com, we may receive compensation if you sign up for online counseling through the links provided.

Do They Accept Insurance?

Cerebral is one of the few telemedicine companies that work with major insurance companies for treatment and psychiatry.

It will cover mental health treatments for a number of insurance providers in a number of states. 

Before you begin availing Cerebral’s services double-check with your provider.

Let’s say you do not have health insurance that covers Cerebral’s services. Cerebral will still send you an invoice that you may submit to your insurance carrier for possible reimbursement.

On the other hand, Cerebral accepts a variety of Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and Flexible Savings Accounts (FSAs).

Cerebral vs BetterHelp

As more individuals discover they can obtain effective mental health therapy without leaving their homes, more online treatment alternatives are becoming available. Apart from Cerebral, our top choice is BetterHelp. 

BetterHelp’s personalized therapy plan is pretty similar to Cerebral’s therapy strategy. Both involve live sessions with a professional therapist once a week, which closely mimics the in-person experience of talk therapy.

In general, the user experience is pretty similar. You and your therapist can connect at any time using unrestricted texting in almost similar rooms. Cerebral and BetterHelp are also available as desktop or mobile applications, both of which are extremely user-friendly.

The ability to acquire medicine and the overall cost of your therapy plan are two major distinctions between BetterHelp and Cerebral. BetterHelp is unable to offer medicines. Cerebral offers it with two of its plans in a few states. 

On the other hand, BetterHelp offers a few more services that you might find useful, such as guided journaling and group webinars. BetterHelp also provides substantial financial assistance to individuals who qualify for reduced rates.   

Many mental health issues are treated with a combination of talk therapy and medication. However, not everyone has simple access to therapy. 

BetterHelp mental health platform has grown in popularity in recent years as traditional mental health facilities have reached capacity, with patients waiting months for psychiatrist or therapy appointments.

Finally, BetterHelp makes it easier to change therapists as compared to Cerebral. You can test a new counselor at any moment by clicking a few buttons on your own. 

However, to switch providers on Cerebral, you have to contact your care counselor or customer service for assistance which makes it a lengthy process.

cerebral pricing

Final Thoughts

Virtual therapy platforms available online are getting increasingly popular. Cerebral is one of several new teletherapy mental health platforms that provides video and phone sessions with board-certified psychiatrists and professional therapists, as well as medication management. 

On the other hand, BetterHelp is one of the most popular online counseling platforms. The organization distinguishes itself because of its nationwide network of more than 25,000 professional therapists in all 50 states.

Only roughly 10,000 therapists work for the next closest rival. This makes it quite simple to choose one that specializes in the sort of mental health treatment you want.

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