We can no longer afford to disregard our mental and emotional well-being. Life is difficult, and it becomes more challenging and confusing every day. In order to achieve one’s goals and thrive on their own terms, clarity is a must. 

Asking for mental health assistance will help you get that clarity. The foundation of ego state therapy is the notion that a person’s mind is made up of several unique individuals or egos. 

It is based on psychodynamic psychotherapy and employs common strategies in family and group settings. Finding a therapist who practices ego state therapy can be difficult, which is why we have listed down ways to find a therapist.

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Price Comparison for Ego State Therapy

Traditional in-person ego state therapy sessions can cost anywhere from $100 to $250 per session, depending on how long they last. The cost of therapy can increase depending on the location and specialty of the therapist. 

It might be financially difficult to use services and pay for each session, which can add stress to the mental health problems that a person already has. 

BetterHelp is a leading online therapy provider that costs $60 to $90 weekly. The session includes unlimited messages, live chat, video, and audio calls with the therapists. 

Unlike in-person therapy, through BetterHelp you can change your therapists at any time without any inconvenience. 

In-Person Therapy BetterHelp
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$60 to $90 per week 

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What Is Ego State Therapy?

Ego state therapy also known as EST is a psychodynamic approach in which a person’s psyche is viewed as an internal family of selves, or a collection of distinct but integrated ego states, that can be covert or overt. 

The term “family of selves,” as used by ego state therapists, does not always imply that a person has several personalities. The goal of ego state therapy is to recognize these many roles and combine them into a cohesive self. 

An individual’s personality is viewed as full and displayed appropriately when their ego states are in harmony. However, in severe cases, such as dissociative identity disorder (DID), multiple ego states may be overt and manifest themselves as separate, nonintegrated personalities. 

Furthermore, this can happen when a traumatic incident or contact with someone causes a person’s ego states to fragment. 

When people find themselves in a specific state for too long or realize that a certain condition is no longer advantageous, ego states may also become a problem.

Types of Ego State

Ego states are not inherent states of being. However, they are a response to varied life situations. Sometimes a person realizes that their ego state is no longer helpful or gets caught in their ego state. Ego state therapists recognize four different ego states:

  1. An ego that has gone through a traumatic occurrence but has not yet been processed is said to be in a vaded ego condition. Vaded ego states result in emotional reactivity and need trauma resolution.
  2. Normal ego states are publicly recognized, non-conflicting, non-maladaptive states, and sound. Achieving normal ego states is the aim of ego state treatment.
  3. Ego states that are at odds with one another are said to be conflicted. They cause an internal sensation of conflict, which ego state therapy attempts to reconcile.
  4. Retro states are benign versions of the ego states that formerly functioned. The goal of ego state treatment is to teach these states to emerge only when they are necessary.

Looking for a specialist?
Get matched with an ego state therapist online.

To support the work of the people working on TherapyHunter.com, we may receive compensation if you sign up for online counseling through the links provided.

Conditions Treated by Ego State Therapy

Therapists mainly use ego state therapy in cases involving trauma, such as acute stress disorder (ASD), combat stress injury, and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The therapy aims to strengthen and rehabilitate the parts of the self damaged by trauma.

Ego state therapy has been used to treat a variety of psychological conditions, including anxiety and depression. Although traumatic stress and PTSD can have different effects on different people, these conditions are believed to weaken ego states.

During therapy, a loving connection may be formed with each component of the self with the aid of ego state therapy. The treatment will assist the mature adult self in interacting with others, emotions, and events with the most present awareness.

People who have suffered trauma may also enjoy a decrease in trauma-related symptoms by processing the trauma they have encountered. Ego-state therapy can help people create healthy self-esteem.

How to Find a Therapist Online or Near Me?

Finding the ideal therapist can be difficult and tiring. You need to look in the proper areas and ask the correct questions. 

Mostly when searching for therapists, the main mistake that individuals make is to choose their mental health providers at random. They might read a brief biography on a website or a description in their insurance catalog. 

The majority of individuals do not investigate their therapists or counselors. And this explains why so many people are trapped in fruitless therapy sessions and experience failure. Therefore, before selecting a therapist, follow the below instructions.

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Consider Online Therapy

Changing therapists and attending in-person therapy can be time-consuming and a hassle.

Furthermore, in-person therapy sessions with therapists can cost hundreds of dollars, so getting mental health care can be pricey. 

However, through online therapy, such as BetterHelp, individuals can receive affordable therapy choices from the comfort of their homes. 

In less than 48 hours, BetterHelp can evaluate your needs and link you with a certified professional therapist. It is a secure internet treatment provided by professionals. You may be able to discover a therapist who works with concerns that local specialists are not equipped to address because the service is offered globally. 

Once paired with a therapist, you can schedule a weekly video or phone appointment and go into your account anytime to send your therapist a message.

Do Your Research

Finding the ideal therapist or coach might seem overwhelming in today’s environment of expanding availability. Determine your needs, and then make sure any possible therapists meet them by asking them the questions.

Different therapists approach goal setting in different ways. Some people work shifts with a lot of pressure and involvement, which drain them emotionally and physically. 

Find the therapists that meet your requirements, and do not be afraid or embarrassed to ask questions because your mental health matters.

Consider the Type of Therapy

Different therapists will provide various sorts of therapy, and some will provide several. You must be aware of the kind that suits your needs the best. 

Learn about each, and ensure you know its advantages and disadvantages. Not all therapists will provide a strategy to help you heal or recover.

Use Directories

Online directories and community groups that list therapists may also help. You can use resources like Therapy Router or Psychology Today to search for a therapist near you. However, search services usually only list therapists in major cities. So you might not find one near you if you live in a small town or remote area. 

Try Ego State Therapy

Ego state therapy can help individuals understand their ego states so that they may make better use of them for their own advantage. It is okay to seek mental health assistance to help define your objectives and your problems. 

Spend as much time and effort choosing the correct therapist. The quality of your life is ultimately up to you. We all follow different paths, some of which are more difficult than others.


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