Berlin, in particular, and Germany at large, are home to a diverse population that comes from many parts of the world and speaks different languages. English is a widely spoken language in the most populated country of Europe. Some estimates put the percentage of English speakers in the country at 56 percent, which is much higher than neighboring France.

Despite that, if you’re looking for an English-speaking therapist in Berlin or the rest of Germany, you might find it hard to get one. As German is the most widely spoken language, most therapists provide therapy in German. While there may be a scarcity of English-speaking therapists in Germany, there are alternatives as well such as online platform like

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Looking for a specialist in Germany?
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English Speaking Therapist in Berlin & Germany

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How Hard is it to Find a Therapist in Germany?

Finding a therapist in Germany isn’t that difficult, as the number of therapists has risen over the years. However, it depends a lot on where you live. If you’re in a major city like Berlin, Munich, or Hamburg, you’ll easily find a therapist near you.

On the other hand, if you’re in a small town, you might find it hard to find a psychologist near you. And when you’re looking for a therapist who can speak in a foreign language, your options get further limited.

Apart from the availability of therapists, there’s also the question of whether they will be covered by your public or private insurance. If you have public insurance, not every therapist would be covered under it. Which means that you may have to pay for therapy yourself.

With private insurance, you may be able to get a refund for the therapy fee. But you need to ensure that beforehand with your insurer. In many cases, you should expect to pay out of pocket as some therapists operate completely independently, with both public and private insurances not covering them.

How to Find an English Speaking Therapist in Berlin and Germany?

Don’t lose hope yet, as there are therapists in Germany who are multilingual and can speak English proficiently. So they can deliver therapy in English, whether you choose to go to their office or do a session online.

If you’re looking for an English-speaking psychologist Berlin, there are specific directories and platforms for therapists in Berlin you can use online to find one. These are comprehensive databases of psychotherapists in the capital. You can easily filter your search by language, so you only see English-speaking therapists in the results.

Looking for a specialist in Germany?
Get matched with an english speaking therapist online.

To support the work of the people working on, we may receive compensation if you sign up for online counseling through the links provided.

Online Therapy Platforms

If you’re looking for English-speaking therapists in Germany, your best bet is to look for online therapy. Going with online therapy means you even work with psychologists outside of Germany, who may be native English speakers.

While many psychologists do provide online therapy independently. There are platforms as well where you can find a therapist easily. One such platform is, which is one of the best virtual therapy solutions in the world.

The good thing is that since is based in the US, most of the therapists on the platform are native English speakers. So whether you’re in Berlin or any other city in Germany, you can use the platform to connect with a therapist and get therapy completely online.

BetterHelp therapists are certified and may even specialize in certain areas or specific therapies. So, for instance, if you’re looking for EMDR or Gender Dysphoria Therapist, you can find a therapist who specializes in these.

Keep in mind that BetterHelp therapists will not be covered under either public or private insurance. However, their rates are generally lower than that of psychotherapists in Berlin and other major cities in Germany.

Therapist Directories for Berlin

There are several directories online specific to doctors and therapists in Berlin where you can search for a psychologist who speaks English.

  • KV Berlin: KV Berlin is the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians in the city, so you can easily find therapists covered under the public health insurance system, including those who speak English.
  • ACT Berlin: ACT Berlin is an Association of Counselors and Therapists, which maintains an updated directory of all the therapists in the city and nearby towns. You can find all the information, including language, fee coverage, and specialties.
  • Angloinfo: Angloinfo Berlin also maintains a directory of English-speaking therapists in Berlin, which you can use to visit their website and contact them directly via phone or email.
english speaking therapists in germany, English Speaking Therapist in Berlin & Germany

Therapist Directories for Germany

If you’re in a city or town other than Berlin, there are other avenues to find information about English-speaking therapists. There are several national directories where you can find a therapist near where you live.

    • is a comprehensive directory of psychologists in Germany. It has a great search tool with a number of filters, including language, where you can input English to find those who can speak English.
    • It’s Complicated:It’s Complicated ( also lists therapists in Germany, mostly those who provide online therapy. In addition to searching by the language of therapy, you can also search by insurance to find someone who is covered under your insurance.
    • is a library of physicians and therapists based in Germany. Although the website is in German, you can use a browser translator to see it in English and search for a therapist.
    • is another platform similar to Doctolib that connects people to medical professionals in Germany, including therapists. You can search for a psychologist by language.

Wrap Up

Finding an English-speaking therapist in Berlin and other parts of Germany is not that difficult if you know where to look. The online directories listed here have all information about therapists in all the major cities and towns in the country. Many of them also do sessions online, so you can do therapy virtually from anywhere.

Similarly, online therapy platforms also provide a convenient way to get therapy in English or really any language. It also makes it easier to communicate with your therapist through messages and voice notes.


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