It is crucial to take care of our mental health the same way we take care of our physical health. Any stage of life can benefit from therapy to attain mental wellness. 

Understanding the problem from the perspective of a knowledgeable therapist is aided by therapy. They aid in understanding challenging circumstances and the development of constructive coping mechanisms.

Finding a therapist who speaks English in Stockholm and Sweden, might be challenging. For this reason, we have written this article to help you find therapists who can speak English and provide either online or in-person sessions.

To support the work of the people working on, we may receive compensation if you sign up for online counseling through the links provided.

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Price Comparison for a therapist in Stockholm, Sweden

The cost of therapy in Stockholm and Sweden costs between 300 SEK to 600 SEK per session, depending on the psychologist.

On the other hand, BetterHelp cost $60 to $90, which makes it 603 SEK to 905 SEK weekly with the option to message your therapist and live counseling sessions.

Speaking face-to-face with a new therapist in a private office or practice may be difficult or unsettling for some people. Using live chat sessions, messaging, video calls, or audio calls, BetterHelp’s online therapy enables anyone with communication issues to have a different type of communication that helps them feel more at ease in a particular situation.

In-Person Therapy BetterHelp
300 SEK to 600 SEK per session

603 SEK to 905 SEK per week

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Mental Health Issues in Stockholm And Sweden

Your physical healthcare requirements will be met by Sweden’s first-rate public healthcare system. No matter how long you have been a resident, you are eligible. Albeit, it may take a while for your residence claim to be approved. 

However, taking care of your mental health is equally crucial, especially when you’re under stress. If you seek urgent therapy access, you can always opt for online therapy platforms such as BetterHelp.

Moreover, moving to a new country adds a whole new level of complexity and intensity to an already stressful circumstance, especially if you do not know anybody who lives here and you have not yet acquired the local language.

It may come as a surprise that Sweden’s quality of mental healthcare is subpar, given how highly it ranks on global healthcare metrics as a whole. 

The treatment of mild to moderate mental health difficulties has to improve, according to Sweden, which struggles to satisfy the demands of its population in this area.

In Sweden, if you see a doctor talk about the physical disease, you may anticipate receiving high-quality care and being sent to the appropriate expert. In contrast, according to OECD research, just 15% of patients with mental illnesses are now obtaining the necessary therapies.

Additionally, many mental health treatment programs, such as CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) or dating counseling and sexologist, are not at all funded by the state system, necessitating out-of-pocket payment from patients. 

This creates troubling obstacles for people with mental health disorders since it might be difficult for them to work while they are unwell, and if they are not working, they might not be able to afford the costs.

Looking for a specialist?
Get matched with an English speaking therapist in Sweden.

To support the work of the people working on, we may receive compensation if you sign up for online counseling through the links provided.

How To Find an English Speaking Therapist?

Learning to know, appreciate, and accept oneself on a deeper level is a part of finding your way. It requires guts to confront your unpleasant sides and maintain your composure when other people may want or expect you to act in a certain manner.

Although it is never an easy decision to make, there are instances when working on mental health issues necessitates obtaining assistance from professional therapists. 

Finding a therapist you enjoy requires work, even if many therapists are available, especially if you have never seen a therapist before. Here are some methods for finding an English-speaking therapist in Stockholm and Sweden:

Online Platforms

Living abroad can provide psychological and existential difficulties. Through BetterHelp, you can contact an English-speaking therapist online from anywhere in Sweden, whether you prefer the convenience of your own home or anywhere else you are comfortable. 

Thanks to BetterHelp, you can get support for your mental health and emotional self-care with expert assistance in a safe virtual therapy room. 

Why BetterHelp?

BetterHelp has 22,000 therapists who are US board-certified professional counselors, psychologists (Ph.D. / PsyD), clinical social workers (LCSW / LMSW), or marriage and family therapists (LMFT).

All of their therapists are accredited, experienced, and qualified in their fields. Each of BetterHelp’s therapists has 1,000 hours of therapy experience, at least three years of experience, and many have had significant training at different academic institutions.

Many people have significant privacy concerns when it comes to mental health care. When you receive counseling online, there is no chance of running into a familiar face in the therapist’s office.

BetterHelp offers unlimited messaging, weekly phone, video, or live chat consultations with a qualified mental health professional for $60 to $90 or 603 SEK to 905 SEK weekly.

Moreover, for those who qualify, BetterHelp also provides a financial aid discount. Numerous lives have improved as a result of therapy. With the extra convenience of chatting with your therapist whenever you choose, online therapy offers all the same advantages for mental health as in-person treatment.

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Ask Friends

Consider getting in touch with a friend or member of your family who has already had treatment to ask for a suggestion. If you are having trouble with a particular problem, your friends and family may be able to provide some helpful advice.

Search Directories

Lists of mental health professionals are available by area. And expertise through online therapist directories and search engines. If you are looking for a therapist, you may narrow your search by neighborhood or zip code. 

Numerous online therapy networks also include succinct summaries from therapists outlining their certifications, educational background, and therapeutic philosophy.

Find out in advance how much the fees will be, how much will be charged for missing appointments. And, if feasible, how long therapy may last. Learn the therapist’s address, the open hours for your therapy, and whether they will see you in a hurry. 

Always keep in mind that picking a therapist is a very personal decision. No single therapist is suitable for everyone. You must have faith in the therapist’s abilities to assist you.

Final Thoughts

BetterHelp is an online mental health platform that assists people dealing with typical mental health issues. Whether you have health insurance or not, if you are struggling, know that you are not alone and that BetterHelp is there to support you. 

They ensure you are matched with an experienced therapist who can meet your requirements. Finding an in-person therapist who speaks English in Stockholm and Sweden might be challenging, but you can find one online more easily. 

Through BetterHelp, it will be simpler to fully articulate your narrative in therapy when it is conducted in your original tongue. The counseling offered by BetterHelp can assist you in being at ease with your own ideas, goals, and emotions.


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