Finding the right therapist is the first obstacle to overcome if you are thinking about mental health therapy. Therapy helps individuals to get through tough times.

Therapy serves as a protective element that may make your current mental health better and help make going through hurdles easier. 

Although the healthcare system in Portugal has many advantages, offering abundant mental health treatments is not one of them. Do not worry, as we will help you find the best English-speaking therapist for you if you’re based in Portugal.

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Looking for an English-Speaking therapist in Lisbon?
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Price Comparison of Therapy in Lisbon, Portugal

In Lisbon, the cost for therapy ranges from €40 to €90 for a 50-minute therapy session. On the other hand, the average therapy cost in Portugal is between €45 to €60 for a one-hour appointment. 

BetterHelp is an online therapy service platform that requires subscriptions. The subscription costs €59 to €88 per week, billed monthly. Furthermore, this includes unlimited messaging with your chosen therapist.

Online counseling is the perfect option when someone needs emotional support and guidance but is constrained by location, mobility, finances, schedule, or other considerations.

Lisbon Portugal BetterHelp
€40 to €90 per session €45 to €60 per session

€59 to €88 per week

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Why Is It Hard To Find An English-Speaking Therapist in Lisbon?

Therapy has become an essential element of our lives. Sadly, in Portugal, there is no explicit law that regulates psychotherapy. Hence, the term “psychotherapist” is not legally protected.

The second-highest frequency of mental diseases, which is 22.9%, found in Europe, is in Portugal, as per the Society of Psychiatry and Mental Health.

Furthermore, in Portugal, 11.8% of all mental health problems outnumber oncological diseases there.

Unfortunately, stigma and prejudice related to mental health still exist in Portugal. Initiatives for public awareness and education might eventually contribute to its eradication.

All the issues related to mental health accessibility make it tough for individuals to search for the right therapist, let alone a good English-speaking therapist. 

Virtual therapy platform also known as online counseling, e-counseling, and teletherapy, offers a number of advantages.

On the other hand, online therapy is not only practical but also a great option for many people. 

How to Find a Therapist in Lisboa and Other Cities in Portugal?

To search for nearby therapists in Lisbon or Portugal, you can search for a local online directory of licensed therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and counselors who are committed to offering therapy and care that is sensitive to your needs.

However, local therapists may only be able to offer their services in Portuguese. If you’re specifically looking for therapy with an English-speaking therapist, you’re better off searching for online therapy. 

Online counseling may frequently be the ideal option for a given person’s scenario since you can receive therapy anywhere. You might be unsure which online therapy platforms are reliable, given their abundance. 

Compared to other virtual therapy platforms, it is safe to say that BetterHelp is a trustworthy therapy platform. BetterHelp offers a platform with specialized therapists and therapy all in one place.

You can talk face-to-face with your therapist through your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or computer. All you need is an internet connection for this to happen. Additionally, follow-up communications can be handled through email, live chat, or unlimited text messages.

Looking for an English-Speaking therapist in Lisbon?
Get matched with a therapist online.

To support the work of the people working on, we may receive compensation if you sign up for online counseling through the links provided.

Why is BetterHelp The Best Choice?

Anybody trying to transform their life will find the BetterHelp platform to help overcome a variety of mental health problems. To address your unique needs, BetterHelp’s therapists offer a variety of expertise.

Since 2013, the BetterHelp network consists of therapists that are certified by their state’s professional board who have assisted numerous clients in overcoming obstacles and enhancing their mental health.

It is the largest treatment platform in the world. BetterHelp hosts over 4 million audio conversations, video sessions, live chats, and texts monthly. 

The virtual platform was formed with the idea to ensure that everyone has simple, inexpensive, and private access to high-quality therapy. Studies demonstrate that counseling conducted online is a successful therapeutic strategy.

Additionally, having access to therapists online has allowed many people who would not have been able to obtain or afford therapy in the past to benefit from these essential mental health services. 

BetterHelp’s virtual therapy services make counseling more practical and offer reasonably priced services. The platform also provides discreet and private alternatives for those individuals who want to stay anonymous and find it unpleasant to discuss their mental health problems.


BetterHelp is known as one of the biggest venues for online counseling. The business stands out because of the numerous portfolios of licensed therapists and its availability globally. 

BetterHelp provides every feature you may need in online therapy and counseling services. It enables secure live chat,  texting, voice calls, and video conversations for you and the therapist. 

The service also allows you to communicate with your therapist anytime you want. There are several counselors at BetterHelp with expertise in particular problems, including:

english speaking therapist lisbon


The therapists in BetterHelp’s extensive network are highly trained. The business asserts that it ensures all its therapists are completely accredited, experienced, licensed, qualified, and possess a Doctorate or Master’s degree in their chosen field. 

To assure authenticity before accepting therapists, all therapist candidates must present identification proof and proof of licensing by BetterHelp. 

The platform then compares this data with the state licensing body for the therapist. The applicants must finish a graded case study and a video interview when BetterHelp confirms this information.

On the other hand, BetterHelp selects therapists for you according to the requirements you have filled in the questionnaire when signing up for the platform. You would not have to wait a week to speak with your therapist using BetterHelp. 

Also, as BetterHelp therapists are mostly Americans, English is their native language so they can deliver therapy in English.

No matter where you reside in Portugal or Lisbon, you can access qualified assistance when needed. Send a message to your therapist anytime, or use any device to arrange a live therapy session from the comfort of your home.   


Live messaging and phone calls are in BetterHelp’s subscription plan. The weekly fee of BetterHelp ranges from $60 to $90, making it €59 to €88 per week.

Furthermore, you can apply for financial assistance if you cannot afford therapy. If you meet the requirements, you will get financial aid. You are billed every four weeks, and each payment covers one month. 

BetterHelp offers consumers a safe and secure platform to communicate with counselors while adhering to HIPAA regulations in full. However, private insurance is not accepted by BetterHelp. 

You could be eligible for financial help if you hoped that BetterHelp insurance choices would cover the cost of your therapy sessions.

Final Thought

One of the top online counseling resources is BetterHelp. The organization provides a big network of therapists, and the registration process is straightforward.

Additionally, in roughly 48 hours, you will be paired with a counselor so that you may begin working together right away. BetterHelp is simple to use and available through the BetterHelp app on a mobile device. Therapy sessions are offered through live chat, phone calls, video calls, messages, and chat. 

Engaging in a therapeutic relationship with BetterHelp’s therapist or counselor allows you to explore your emotions, thoughts, ideas, and behavioral patterns. It can also help you develop new coping skills and ways to deal with daily challenges and symptoms of your illness.


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