is the best place for therapy conducted from a Christian point of view. It is known as one of the best online Christian counseling services that use a Biblical perspective to help individuals improve their mental and spiritual state.

The Christian-based mental health service is intended to assist you in navigating your path and conquering your challenges. It is especially beneficial for persons who want to include spiritual perceptiveness and religious beliefs in their mental health therapy. 

 In this article, you will learn about and its cost, as well as therapy costs with insurance.

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Price Comparison between FaithfulCounseling and In-Person Therapy

Online therapy has been shown to be more convenient as compared to traditional therapy. It saves you from the traveling cost and time. Online therapy offers you the benefit of availing of therapy from anywhere and any place. 

Traditional faith therapy costs anywhere from $65 to $250 per hour. The pricing depends on where the therapist is located, their qualification, and your preferences. charges $60 to $90 weekly for unlimited messaging and weekly live sessions. The sessions last for 30 to 45 minutes, depending on your therapist’s availability. 

Traditional Therapy

$66 to $250 per hour


$60 to $90 weekly

(Unlimited communication, and weekly live sessions)

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What is

BetterHelp started Faithful Counseling in 2017 with the goal of connecting Christians with spiritually sensitive, Biblically enlightened therapy. 

Furthermore, the independent therapists at are all practicing Christians who have confirmed that their views align with the company’s Statement of Faith. may be a good option if you are seeking a therapist who can help you with your unique mental health and spiritual requirements.

It is a good fit for anyone looking for a Christian perspective on their everyday challenges and anxieties. The flexibility to communicate at any time and by several channels of contact is a significant benefit.

Since it is a part of Betterhelp, they do not collect, use, or store data about its website users and customers. However, to safeguard your privacy, your account is created with a randomly generated client ID.

On the other hand, it also claims that it gathers and saves certain basic information about your sessions, such as if you or your counselor attended the scheduled session, the start and end of the session, and whether or not it was canceled or rescheduled. That’s likely for billing calculation. 

How To Sign-up?

The registration procedure starts with questions about your age, gender, language, location, and relationship status. However, there is no way for you to go back and make changes. In order to do so, you will have to start the questionnaire all over again.

You will also have to answer questions such as if you have ever been in therapy before and how your overall health is. Two issue checklists inquire about your recent concerns, such as addiction, anxiety, depression, or panic attacks. 

Furthermore, Faithful Counseling’s questionnaire states that persons of all faiths are welcome to use their services. There will be questions about your faith, such as how long your faith has mattered to you, how often you offer prayer, and so on.

After filling out the detailed questionnaire, you will be shown a welcome message which will give brief details about your next step and later tell you about the complete cost. 

You can log in and start texting and scheduling your appointments with your therapist once you have made an account. Each live session lasts between 30 and 45 minutes, depending on your therapist’s availability. 

Additionally, you are free to send text and voice messages to your therapist at any time between sessions. It varies with every therapist, but you should expect one to two answers per business day.

Looking for a specialist?
Get matched with the therapist that you need online.

To support the work of the people working on, we may receive compensation if you sign up for online counseling through the links provided.

Customer Service offers four different ways to contact its therapists and counselors. These include online counseling services that are available 24 hours a day, live chats, phone sessions, and video conversations. 

You will have the option of selecting the most appropriate model of communication for their requirements. has a dedicated customer support staff that keeps the platform up to date and ensures that your interactions with its specialists are pleasant and secure.

If you have any questions regarding your membership, you may easily contact the staff. They may also assist you with technical assistance and any problems you may have while using the platform. Costs

If you are seeking professional competence in a variety of areas from therapists with a Christian background to a muslim therapist is the best online counseling choice. 

Faithful Counseling therapists are a group of practicing Christians who are part of a broader network of certified therapists that use the Betterhelp platform and share the same high professional standards. assists you in focusing on your mental, emotional, and spiritual health. In addition, it is far more intuitive than most other online counseling solutions. 

They charge you a weekly fee of $60 to $90, which is payable monthly, asynchronous messaging and weekly live sessions for 30 to 40 minutes. Moreover, the pricing depends on your preferences, therapist, and location. 

Individuals who avail FaithfulCounseling services will need to pay once a month for four weekly sessions. However, the rates vary depending on location and therapist availability.

All therapists hold a master’s or doctoral degree in their respective fields. After successfully completing the requisite schooling, tests, training, and practice, they were qualified and certified by their state’s board. They all have at least 3 years and 1,000 hours of practical experience.

faithful counseling price,

Do They Accept Insurance? does not engage with insurance companies; its independent therapists can give you the bills so you can file your own claims. 

If you are uninsured or underinsured, might be more affordable than traditional counseling practices in your area. Through the billing options in your private portal, you can adjust your payment schedule or cancel your membership.

Faithful Counseling’s online counselors specialize in dealing with a variety of mental health issues and conditions from a Christian perspective. Furthermore, they are more than willing and capable of assisting their patients with whatever problems or issues are preventing them from achieving their objectives. 

Virtual Christian counseling appears to be one of just a few online therapy services that cater to people seeking an e-therapist who shares their religious beliefs. 

Because religion is a shared interest between the patient and the online therapist, the counselor is free to incorporate God, religion, and the Bible into the counseling process in a way that is compatible with both contemporary therapy and Christianity.

Final Thoughts

If you are a devoted Christian seeking virtual mental health treatment, may be the ideal option for you. It is a great alternative for persons who are looking for Christian-based mental health therapy. 

Features such as easy access to Christian therapists, unlimited communication, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee make the best option. 

The online counselors at specialize in dealing with a wide range of mental health issues and conditions from a Christian perspective, and they are more than willing and capable of assisting their patients.


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