Psychotherapy has come a long way with many different therapies and procedures designed to target specific or general behavioral and psychological issues. One of the most popular and commonly used therapy is Gestalt therapy. Developed in the 1940s, it’s a client-centric, humanistic therapy that can have favorable outcomes for different aspects of the client’s life.

It’s important for the therapist to have good knowledge and training of this type of therapy. Only then can they utilize the techniques effectively. You can even find a therapist online on website such as

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Let’s talk about Gestalt therapy in more detail:

What is Gestalt Therapy?

Gestalt therapy is a client-centric therapy that focuses on the person’s present rather than talking about or linking it with the past. It’s about understanding the current context of life and diving deeper into the challenges the person is facing presently. In other words, the outcome is more solution-based than finding blames for the current situation.

The whole therapy revolves around perception, as it helps the client make sense of the world around them, as well as the experiences they are having currently. It helps them understand the meaning of things, experiences, and people in their lives.

This therapy is more wholesome and humanistic, especially when compared with other traditional psychoanalysis techniques. It has been in use since the 1940s, when Fritz Perls and his wife, Laura Perls, developed it.

Another important aspect of Gestalt therapy is that it doesn’t follow specific protocols or guidelines. Instead, it’s more dynamic and depends on the client’s unique needs and personality traits. In fact, during Gestalt training online or in-person, therapists are often encouraged to find creative ways to deliver this therapy and work with their clients on their present selves.

That said, there are several Gestalt therapy key concepts that play an important role in the structure and delivery of the therapy.

Gestalt Counselling Key Concepts

Gestalt therapy focuses mainly on the ‘here’ and ‘now,’ but there are several principles and concepts that therapists must learn to successfully deliver this therapy to their clients.


One of the primary goals of Gestalt therapy is for the therapist to learn about the experiences of their client while also making them more aware of those experiences. This can be achieved by understanding the current context of those experiences. Instead of pushing the client to bring up past memories and experiences, the therapist focuses on the present events and experiences and what they mean for the client, and how they make them feel.

The concept of focusing on the context of current experiences is that with more awareness of what is happening in their life, they will be better equipped to handle the challenges. In simpler words, it’s about understanding what is going on a bit more deeply by providing a safe space to achieve that awareness.


Gestalt therapy is about the present, so it becomes the therapist’s job to keep their client in the present. If they are spending too much time talking about the past, or even the future, it’s the therapist’s responsibility to bring them into the present.

Now, for this, there needs to be a trusting rapport between the therapist and the client. Sometimes asking a question about what is happening at the moment helps bring the client into the present. For instance, if they laughed about something or scratched their skin, the therapist can ask about that very action.

So this Gestalt therapy key concept ensures that both the therapist and the client are talking about the present most of the time during the session.

Even when discussing something from the past, the therapist may ask the client to reenact the scenario and ask them how they feel at that very moment because of that very action or scenario.

Looking for a specialist?
Get matched with a Gestalt Therapist.

To support the work of the people working on, we may receive compensation if you sign up for online counseling through the links provided.


Self-awareness is a major theme of Gestalt therapy, for which the therapist may use a number of experiential exercises. These exercises can be positive and therapeutic activities that ultimately increase the person’s awareness about themselves. This therapy uses awareness as a form of treatment.

Combining participative activities allows the client to speak more freely and perhaps get in touch with their real emotions at that very moment.


Gestalt therapy doesn’t necessarily focus on pain from trauma or any other experience in life. The conception is that pain can be worked on through awareness, which is why the number one goal is awareness. So during Gestalt therapy sessions, a therapist will not deliberately talk about trauma or pain. The understanding is that pain or trauma will come up naturally. For Trauma & PTSD you might want to try a trauma therapist online as well.


Gestalt therapy realizes that no one can be completely objective and that even for a therapist, their own experiences can influence their perception about what is happening in the session. However, at the same time, Gestalt therapists are expected to accept the truth of the client and not let their own experiences or judgments interfere.

Generally, too, therapists are expected to be objective and not let their personal views guide how their client processes emotions or does certain actions.

Benefits of Gestalt Therapy Online

Research has shown immense promise in Gestalt therapy for both clinical disorders and social issues for people. This therapy can be beneficial for people suffering from anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, or having relationship problems with their partner, family, or even a friend.

The main benefits of Gestalt therapy include:

  • More self-awareness and control
  • A better understanding and regulation of their mental state
  • Better management of negative emotions
  • Awareness of their needs and desires
  • Improvement in communication skills
  • Mindfulness and emotional control

How to Learn Gestalt Therapy?

In order to become a Gestalt therapist, the candidate should complete a Gestalt training course online or in class. There are several organizations that offer Gestalt therapy training to qualified therapists. This is in addition to the undergraduate and graduate degrees or any other certifications you may require to become a therapist.

It’s best to consult the certifying board in your state or country to find the exact requirements for becoming a Gestalt therapist. There may be requirements for training for a set number of hours.

Completing a Gestalt therapy online course is the easiest way to become a certified Gestalt therapist. The fee of the course can vary by institute and organization.

After learning Gestalt therapy, one can also join Gestalt foundations with memberships. Some of the popular ones include the New York Institute of Gestalt Therapy and the International  Association for Advancement of Gestalt Therapy.

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Where to Find a Gestalt Therapist?

If you suffer from anxiety or depression, struggle with self-esteem, or just want to improve self-awareness, Gestalt therapy can do wonders for you. A quick search on Google for ‘Gestalt therapist near me’ can give you a number of suggestions and recommendations of therapists near you. However, you should ensure that the therapist is trained in Gestalt therapy and is certified.

As is usual with finding a therapist for any purpose, it’s important to find a therapist that you click with. That in itself can be a laborious task, but it’s not entirely impossible. A phone consultation or reading about the therapist and their approach to therapy can give you an idea about who they are and what you can expect from them. It might take a few sessions for you to be more comfortable with them.

Gestalt Therapy Online

There’s always the option of virtual therapy, where you can attend sessions virtually and communicate with the therapist through texts or emails. is a renowned platform for online therapy and is a reliable option for Gestalt therapy online. They have vetted and certified Gestalt therapists who can carry out the same therapy completely online.

There are several benefits to seeking Gestalt therapy online. For starters, you’re not restricted to therapists in your area. You can speak to and work with a therapist in another state/city or even in another country.

For finding the most suitable therapist for your particular problems, it’s best to fill out the form on as honestly and in as detail as possible. This will allow the platform to match you with the right professional who is capable of helping you deal with the problems you face.

Gestalt therapy is often the first step for people to recognize their issues and begin working on them. Also, Gestalt therapy is not the same for everyone, so your therapist will carry out the sessions based on your unique circumstances. Nevertheless, it’s helpful if you know what to expect in these therapy sessions.


Gestalt therapy has been proven to be instrumental in helping people be more self-aware, recognize their own patterns, and work on their selves to become a better version, ultimately. Even if you don’t suffer from mental illnesses, this kind of therapy can help you perceive the world around you better. As a result, you’re better able to process your emotions.

It’s best to work with a professional trained in Gestalt therapy, whether you do it online through or in-person with a therapist in their office.


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