How to Overcome Addiction Through God?

by | Jun 26, 2023 | Addiction, Religious

Any kind of addiction can be incredibly difficult to overcome. It’s a disease that can rot the person from the inside, robbing them of their ability to live a happy, healthy life. It also ruins relationships, leading to loneliness. But faith in God makes it possible to curb addictive habits and regain control of your life. 

Your connection with God is a powerful source that can guide you to navigate the tough times in life. Many believers find strength in their faith and treat addiction. More importantly, religious communities can offer support to get through addiction. 

At the end of the day, addiction is a mental illness that requires a strong will and determination to treat. A person’s unshakeable belief in God can be immensely helpful in overcoming such behavior. 


Can Faith Help Treat Addiction?

While several treatment options for addiction are largely science-based, religious beliefs can be equally beneficial for some individuals. A strong belief in God and striving to do what is good can give an addict a purpose in life. 

Remember that addiction often brings anxiety, depression, and hopelessness, intensifying the person’s reliance on the substance or activity they are addicted to. Even though there can be different causes for addiction, the way to get out is pretty much the same. 

God’s Love and Support

Addiction can take a significant toll on a person’s self-worth. The behavior slowly transforms into a vicious cycle of self-harm where the person thinks they don’t deserve love, so they might as well live with the addiction. 

Belief in God and his love can be a powerful force that can push addicts to accept that there’s an entity watching over them. Again, support and guidance are instrumental in treating addiction of any kind. 

Knowing that God loves you unconditionally can help you regain your sense of self and that life is a gift. It can inspire you to work on yourself and do whatever possible to treat the illness of addiction. 

Community to Rely Upon

Belief in God brings people together and forms strong community bonds. It’s challenging to fight addiction independently, so having a community of believers to support you can prove beneficial. 

Many individuals suffering from addiction fail to overcome their tendencies because they lack the support and encouragement they need. When people who believe in God come together, they must help each other in need. 

Research Shows Spirituality Helps with Addiction Recovery

Strong religious beliefs and spirituality have been proven to keep people from addiction and help those who have fallen prey to it. A 2019 review study from the Journal of Religion and Health found that 84 percent of research literature showed that faith is a positive factor in addiction prevention and treatment. It also attributes the decline of religious affiliations as a possible contributor to the drug abuse epidemic in the US. 

An older study conducted in 2000 also had similar findings. It found spirituality, as opposed to religiousness, to be conducive to recovery from substance abuse. 

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How to Overcome Addiction with God?

If you’re a person of faith who has fallen victim to addiction, God can help you find your way out.

Consider Addiction a Sin

Although many people of faith don’t consider drinking or using substances a sin, it’s clear that anything you do to harm your body is a sin. To be closer to God, you must avoid all sins, and addiction to substances and behavior that harm your physical and mental health are a part of it. 

Remember that substance dependency may also lead to other sins, such as lying, deceiving, stealing, and hurting other people’s feelings. So even if you don’t consider your addiction a sin, accept that it can cause you to commit other sins.

It’s also important to repent and confess your sins to God. If you fail, seek forgiveness, and don’t lose hope.

Use Prayer as Guidance

Prayer is a way for you to communicate with God. When you’re at your lowest and feel you’ll give in to your inhibitions, pray to God to guide you. Have faith that God is out there looking out for you, and when you call on Him, he’ll help you. 

Make it a habit to pray to God to help you overcome addiction. Praying will reinforce your faith and give you the inner strength to cope with the withdrawal. 

Read the Bible to Get Encouragement

The Bible has many passages that offer enlightenment on dealing with addictive habits. You may find many quotes that feel like God directly speaks to you and encourages you to look at your actions differently. 

You may find a lot of strength in words, feel motivated to treat your addiction, and never bounce back. 

Seek Support from the Community

You’re not alone in this journey. To get through addiction, find support in your local community who believe in the power of God to bring out the best in humans. One of the best things about being part of a religion is having people to rely upon in dark times. 

So visit your local church and engage with the community members. You may find people who have been through what you’re going through. They can help you pave the way for recovery and provide support when you’re at your lowest. 

Get Spiritual Therapy

Therapy is an effective tool for treating addiction. Combining therapy with your spiritual beliefs can be a beneficial exercise for overcoming addiction. With the help of a therapist who provides spiritual or religious therapy, you can bolster your belief in God and the goodness in the world. 

In therapy, you can discuss your spiritual beliefs and your addictive compulsions. A therapist may help you understand your actions better and empower you with spiritual practices that free your mind from the anxiety, distress, and negativity of addiction. 

Religious and Spiritual Books to Treat Addiction

Reading books written specifically for addiction treatment from a spiritual perspective can empower you with the coping techniques to control your actions. The insights from such texts can put your beliefs in perspective. You can then leverage your unwavering faith to stand strong against addiction. 

Here are some recommendations:

Final Thoughts

Belief in God can be a strong tool for fighting addiction. Many individuals of faith have found solace with God in their darkest hour. Addiction not only takes a toll on your health but also negatively impacts your loved ones. Realizing the damage of addiction and looking up to God to help you is the first step. Believe that God is watching over you and wants you to get better. 

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