The increasing importance of mental health and efforts to de-stigmatize mental health issues have resulted in a greater drive to make treatment more accessible and affordable for everybody.

Online therapy refers to psychotherapy that is given through the internet. Services might be offered over the phone, video calls, or texting instead of meeting in person.

According to studies, many people find it difficult to get in-person treatment. Face-to-face counseling may seem out of reach owing to a tight budget, a hectic schedule, or social barriers. On the other hand, new virtual therapy services have made it significantly more accessible.

For a variety of reasons, online counseling is incredibly popular, and its fast development in recent years reflects the ease with which it may be utilized.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, roughly one out of every five adults in the United States suffers from mental illness. Even though mental health difficulties are widespread, stigmas and hurdles can sometimes discourage people from seeking treatment.

Cerebral, also known as Get Cerebral, is a credible online mental health platform that offers both medication management and therapy.

According to a 2019 analysis of outpatient telemedicine, virtual therapy reduced negative symptoms and increased overall remission rates.

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About Cerebral

Cerebral gives you access and mental health subscriptions to online treatment and prescription management for anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

By purchasing the membership, the individual agrees to receive scheduled evaluations, video or phone calls with your prescribing practitioner, and medication delivery that is if you have prescriptions.

For a monthly fixed charge, the platform gives access to medical specialists, care counselors, and certified therapists. Furthermore, their telemedicine format also makes connecting with a support team simple for those with busy schedules.

Online sites like Cerebral help to break down barriers to mental health care. With its one-stop-shop strategy, the firm hopes to expand access to high-quality mental health treatment.

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Cerebral is an online health care company that links you with a therapist and sends medications to your home. In other words, it is a subscription-based service that offers medication and therapy.

Cerebral therapy is continual, and it comes with built-in accountability. Your therapist will be able to reach you and your prescription will arrive at your doorsteps.

Furthermore, individuals who are facing anxiety, sleep disorder, or depression may require more energy to attend in-person counseling or to pick up prescriptions from the pharmacy.

Moreover, instead of seeking something to assist you to become better, you are able to spend your attention on getting better.

Professional Team

Patients will have the option of choosing their therapist. Some people appreciate this feature because it allows them to pick a therapist who they believe will provide them with expert medical advice or with whom they feel at ease with.

Furthermore, Cerebral practitioners are well-known for treating the following conditions:

Client interaction involves two experts, either a psychiatrist and a care provider, or a psychiatrist and a certified therapist. Cerebral offers:

  • Video calls in real-time
  • Audio calls in real-time
  • Messaging through text

Shipment of Prescriptions

Patients who have been handed prescriptions can use the platform to obtain their medications. The prescribed medicine will be delivered to their homes.

The therapy plan already covers the delivery charge, which is great. Hence, it means there will be no additional shipping charges.


When seeking a mental health service, privacy is a real worry. On Cerebral’s website and app, sensitive health information is secured by the US Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Cerebral may share personal health information with providers and insurers. However, this information is only used to assist them in performing their services and responding to your medical and mental health care professionals and insurance.

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For those paying out of pocket, Cerebral’s options vary from $85 to $325 per month. Moreover, for the first month, discounted rates are offered. If commitment is a concern, plans are invoiced monthly and can be canceled at any time.

Cerebral has three membership programs, each of which includes prescription management, counseling, and online therapy.

Furthermore, Cerebral, which is available as a smartphone app and a web-based service, provides ongoing assistance with doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants (PAs), as well as your care counselor or therapist.

Medication and Care Counseling Plan

This plan costs $85 per month if you pay out of pocket. It costs $29 per month with in-network insurance, plus a copay for every appointment. The cost of medications is invoiced individually.

This plan consists of:

  • A prescribing provider’s examination, diagnosis, and prescription, as well as continuing phone or video meetings
  • Medicine delivery every week
  • Monthly phone or video appointments with a care counselor to discuss mental health approaches and coping skills
  • Unrestricted texting access to a medical expert through the care team for inquiries and concerns
  • Your prescribing provider and counselor will keep track of your progress regularly.
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Medication and Therapy Plan

This plan costs $325 per month if you pay out of pocket. It costs $29 per month with in-network insurance, plus a copay for every appointment. The cost of medications is invoiced individually.

The plan contains the following elements:

  • A prescribing practitioner evaluates, diagnoses, and writes prescriptions.
  • Medication distribution every month with no additional shipping costs
  • Weekly video or phone sessions with a licensed therapist are available on an ongoing basis
  • Secure chat feature with your therapist at any time and access to a medical expert for questions and concerns.
  • Your prescribing provider and therapist should keep track of your development frequently.

Therapy Plan

This plan costs $259 per month if you pay out of pocket. It costs $29 per month with in-network insurance, plus a copay for every appointment.

This plan consists of the following features:

  • Weekly video or phone appointments with a certified therapist are available,
  • Secure chat with your therapist at any time.
  • Your therapist will keep track of your development regularly.


If you have been given medicine, it will be supplied to you every month. Keep in mind that you cannot pick it up from a local pharmacy.

The cost of delivery is included in the subscription price, but the cost of your medicine will be invoiced individually. Furthermore, this makes requesting coverage from your insurance company much easier.


Choosing to consult a counselor or therapist is a significant step toward bettering your health. Moreover, while going to the doctor’s office might be scary, telemedicine may be more accessible and convenient.

Cerebral is ideal for people who are nervous about stepping into an office or who do not have the time to go to a doctor’s office.

Moreover, Cerebral’s suitability for you may be determined by your medical condition. Those suffering from depression, anxiety, or sleep disorder should contact the firm.

You may take a free emotional evaluation before scheduling an appointment with a professional if you are unsure about your situation.

Furthermore, you can also sign up and speak with a licensed expert who will conduct an assessment and deliver a diagnosis before beginning treatment and settling on a monthly plan.

It is an easy way to take the first step toward feeling more like yourself because you do not have to worry about finding an in-network provider who can see you, and the price is reasonable.

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