​​Latter-day Saints, also known as LDS, members are not immune to mental health issues. Research shows that the percentage of church members suffering from mental issues is greater than the average percentage of individuals facing mental health issues.

With approximately 14 million members worldwide, the LDS Church is one of the fastest-growing churches in the world. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints believes that God is highly concerned about our particular lives and that He may be deeply engaged in our lives if we accept His offer to be close to Him.  If this is the first time you are seeking therapy and you have never had to pick an LDS therapist before. We are here to help you locate the one who is right for you.

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Price Comparison for LDS Therapist

Many people suffer from addiction, depression, anxiety, stress, and other difficulties. Finding the skills and commitment to recognize and overcome these difficulties might be difficult. 

Professionals in mental health identify and treat mental illnesses. Most have a master’s degree or higher level of education, training, and qualifications. Make certain that the specialist you select is capable of providing mental health treatments.

Traditional in-person LDS treatment costs $95 for a 50-minute session. In comparison to virtual therapy such as BetterHelp which costs $60 to $90 weekly. With the help of BetterHelp, you can locate the finest LDS therapist from the comfort of your home.

BetterHelp virtual therapy offers a weekly plan which offers individuals the feature of availing unlimited messages, live chat, video communication, and audio calls. You can set the therapy session according to your and your therapist’s feasibility and convenience,

In-Person Therapy BetterHelp
$95 per 50-minute session

$60 to $90 per week

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How Can LDS Therapy Help?

When it comes to missions, the church is in a unique situation regarding mental health issues. The church has often addressed this topic in order to assist individuals who are suffering from these unusual mental health conditions.

The LDS therapists will focus on your unique ideas and belief.

Moreover, during LDS therapy the therapist may either discuss the gospel and how it applies to your individual difficulties in treatment, or you can keep your religious beliefs and psychotherapy separate. 

Recognizing and feeling your emotions is essential for mending your mental health condition. If we do not accept that we have a problem can manifest itself in our daily lives.

Furthermore, it might resurface with issues such as anxiety, depression, or other mental health conditions.

The best LDS therapist will improve your mental health concerns. They can set objectives for you to achieve, investigate the sources of your problems, and alter their therapy as your requirements change.

While a qualified therapist should be able to help, speaking to a therapist who shares your beliefs can be more helpful. As a person of faith, you may discuss your beliefs with the therapist as well who would understand and respect them. 

Seeking treatment online from an LDS therapist can help you overcome the shame that sadly continues to stigmatize mental health concerns. It is one of the key reasons why millions of people with mental illnesses do not seek professional help.

Online sessions can also be tailored to your hectic schedule. You select the time that works best for you, whether you text your counselor or connect through phone call or video chat. You can connect with a counselor if you have mobile data or wifi connection.

Looking for a specialist?
Get matched with an LDS therapist online or near you.

To support the work of the people working on TherapyHunter.com, we may receive compensation if you sign up for online counseling through the links provided.

How To Find LDS Therapist Near Me?

Finding the appropriate therapist for you might take a lot of time and money, and not everyone gets it right on the first try.

Finding an LDS therapist who fits your requirements and can cater to your mental health concerns is essential for successful therapy. Below are the ways to find an LDS therapist near you without hassle.

Seek Online Help

Teletherapy, also known as online therapy, relates to the use of a phone or the internet to give traditional behavioral health and psychiatric care. Individuals can continue therapy even if they cannot physically travel to an appointment thanks to video teleconferencing.

With the help of platforms like BetterHelp, you can find LDS therapists without extensive research. They have a long list of qualified and certified therapists who can help you with your mental health issue.

Moreover, an online LDS therapist can also help adolescents and their families. They live up to the LDS church’s standards and apply the concepts and values they have gained as a member of the LDS church in their profession as a therapist. 

A reliable LDS therapist does not push their own beliefs on their clients. They work on assisting individuals on their journey of learning and growth.

After you register with the site based on your mental health issues, you must complete a questionnaire so that the service may connect you with the appropriate therapist or counselor.

Online therapy and counseling can assist you in dealing with interpersonal issues, overcoming trauma, and managing stress more effectively. Therapies like CBT, DBT, EMDR, and more are available online, catering to specific mental conditions.

Consult Your Priest

Visit your priest and assess your needs before choosing a therapist. They may be able to recommend you to a counselor who promotes gospel ideals.

Furthermore, they could also contact LDS Family Services to discuss challenging problems. 

If authorized stake resources are not accessible, you must interview area therapists to determine which values are compatible with gospel principles.

The church dedicated a webpage to help individuals who are suffering from mental health problems. The website provides various guidance and resources for various mental health situations.

Some therapists are better at helping people than others, and an LDS therapist who works well with one client may not work well with another. Because everyone’s psychology is unique, it may take some time to discover the appropriate therapist for your requirements.

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Why Consider Online LDS Therapy?

Traditional treatment is less convenient than online counseling. Instead of going to a therapist’s office, you may just connect to a website or app from the comfort of your own home. Many online therapists provide flexible scheduling, making it easy to schedule a session.

The stigma associated with mental health and treatment of mental health is quickly fading. Nonetheless, stigma is a major reason why many individuals resist obtaining professional help. 

People may be concerned about what others may think, or they may wish to keep their treatment sessions private, which is why they choose online LDS therapists to help them out.

Final Thoughts

Consult a trusted family member, friend, bishop, or BetterHelp’s mental health professional. Consider your alternatives in prayer and take an active role in your own healing.

Reach out to one of BetterHelp’s professional therapists if you or a loved one are seeking mental health therapy treatments. 

With the help of LDS therapists, you can receive mental health therapy while adhering to the religious standards of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 

LDS therapists work with individuals and families on issues such as psychotherapy, marriage counseling, and other mental health concerns while remaining mindful of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints views.


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