A marriage counselor can assist you with communication challenges, sex and intimacy struggles, financial conflicts, or just making you feel more connected. Pre-marital counseling can also assist you in preparing for a happier marriage.

To heal and grow, many couples are turning to online counseling. The good news is that there are reasonably priced solutions for individuals and couples looking for counseling online to help them resolve relationship troubles or any other challenges they may be facing.

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In-Person Therapy vs Cost of Online Therapy for Marriage counseling

In-person marriage counseling costs vary depending on the therapist’s degree, expertise, and location. The average price range from $60 to $220 per hour. In most cases, the cost of a two-person session is the same as the cost of an individual session. 

ReGain only has one membership tier which includes weekly live sessions as standard. Furthermore, its plans cost $60 to $90 a week for 30 or 45 minutes. Hence making, ReGain’s membership plan less expensive than traditional treatment.

In-Person Therapy ReGain
$60 to $220 per hour 

$60 to $90 a week

 (Weekly live sessions)

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Marriage Counseling Cost

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How Can Marriage Counseling Help?

Marriage counseling, also known as couples counseling, relationship counseling, or couples therapy, is a type of therapy that helps couples. Couples facing separation or wanting improved intimacy and understanding may benefit from therapy. 

On the other hand, while marriage counseling focuses on the partnership itself, each spouse is expected to work on self-improvement and self-awareness. Couples counseling aims to assist partners in learning more about each other and developing healthy problem-solving abilities. 

In a 2012 study, couples who stay together despite ongoing disagreement and dissension are unlikely to prevent the harmful repercussions of marital difficulties simply by being together. 

Couples counseling is an excellent alternative for couples who want to work through deep-seated relationships or marital issues with the support of a professional in person.

Couples therapy, like individual therapy, may be a lengthy procedure requiring a significant degree of emotional exposure over several sessions. 

Furthermore, couples counseling is incredibly beneficial and can be one of the keys to a good marriage. Couples counseling is now more accessible than ever before, especially for couples with busy schedules or infrequent transportation.

Marriage therapy for Christian marriage, Muslim marriage, etc; especially by ReGain is less expensive than in-person sessions as discussed above. Researchers claim that participation in video-conferencing therapy makes some couples feel more at ease, vulnerable, and focused on therapy.

Looking for a specialist?
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To support the work of the people working on TherapyHunter.com, we may receive compensation if you sign up for online counseling through the links provided.

Why Choose ReGain for couple therapy?

Beginning marriage counseling to work on a relationship can seem even more vulnerable. You should be proud of yourselves as a couple for recognizing the problems you are having and for being ready to work together to solve them. 

ReGain is a popular online treatment platform that connects people with thousands of qualified therapists. Individuals can meet and connect with their therapist virtually by using chat platforms, calls, or live video, making it convenient and reasonably economical. 

Furthermore, ReGain concentrates solely on relationship difficulties and allows customers to sign up alone or as a pair. They specialize in relationship therapy, so even if you join up on your own, the focus of your treatment at ReGain will be on your romantic or other relationships.

Since each therapist takes a somewhat different approach to therapy, your treatment may alter depending on who you are paired with. While many other online counseling platforms include couples therapy, ReGain is one of the few that concentrates solely on this subject. 

Whether you are having relationship problems, seeking couples therapy with your spouse, or finding it difficult to attend couples therapy in person due to expenses or traveling costs, they could be perfect for you. 

Sign-up Process

ReGain counseling is an online therapy platform that offers relationship counseling services that are accessible, confidential, and cheap. 

To sign-up, you need to fill out an introductory questionnaire about your basic information. The first step is signing up for a ReGain membership. You do not have to disclose your complete name if you prefer anonymity.

Then you will include any relationship concerns as well as any therapist needs and preferences, such as specialty, a specific therapeutic method, or religious affiliation. 

If you will be sharing the account and treatment sessions with your spouse, this initial inquiry will also allow you to offer contact information to them. 

After completing the registration form ReGain’s algorithm will match you with therapists that have been certified by their state’s professional board.

Once you have found your counselor, a secure chat room will be created for you, your therapist, and any other partners you have added to your account via their web portal or app.

You get access to a protected chatroom where you may communicate with your therapist at any time. You will also be able to chat with them for 30 or 45 minutes every session through live video or phone conversation.


Different relationship-related concerns can be treated with ReGain. ReGain addresses and resolves a variety of concerns, including:

  • Intimacy concerns
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • Communication improvement
  • Preventing divorce
  • Counseling through a divorce
  • Personal difficulties 
  • Other relationship challenges

You will be able to message your therapist anytime and weekly real-time counseling sessions are available through ReGain counseling. You have the option of using live chat, phone, or video calls. 

On the other hand, you can also plan therapy sessions whenever and wherever you want them, with or without your spouse.

Seasoned Therapists

All therapists on the ReGain platform are completely certified, licensed, trained, and experienced. Furthermore, all the therapists have a master’s or doctorate degree in their chosen profession.

You can also message your therapist at any time, which allows you to contact them outside of the session. If you or your partner find it difficult to recall what happened throughout the week if you just have weekly sessions, or if you prefer a paper trail, this may be beneficial.

ReGain therapist will educate couples on how to handle an intense argument, identify the triggers, and teach couples how to calm down when the dispute appears to be going nowhere.

Additionally, ReGain is an excellent online platform for relationship therapy since it is simple and easy to use. Couples and individuals obtain professional counseling easily and affordably thanks to a team of professionals that specialize in relationships.

Couples Therapy Price

Does ReGain Accept Insurance?

Marriage counseling is frequently exempt from insurance equity regulations. Because mental health parity legislation regards mental illnesses as medical diagnoses, this is the case. 

ReGain does not accept insurance. However, this is not exclusive to ReGain therapy services or other online couple counseling platforms.

Medical insurance is not accepted by even traditional couples and marriage counseling. Couples’ counseling, whether online or offline, should ideally be exempt from insurance equity regulations.

Final thoughts about marriage counseling prices

If both spouses are open and eager to participate in the process, online couples counseling or marriage counseling may be a suitable alternative. 

In addition, virtual therapy alleviates some of the challenges that in-person therapy might provide, such as restricted transportation and hectic schedules.

Marriage counseling has never been more accessible, inexpensive, or convenient thanks to ReGain. This makes it an excellent option for someone who is having difficulties in their relationship or wants to fit couples counseling into their hectic schedule.

Even if you do not choose your therapist, you may be comfortable that you are having access to qualified practitioners.


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