Are you looking for online therapy California? There are a number of options you can try, depending on your needs and healthcare insurance.

California, the most populated state in the US, has no shortage of therapists. However, today online therapy is becoming the preferred option for many people. More importantly, even since the Covid-19 pandemic struck California and pretty much the rest of the country, telehealth is becoming a norm and online platform such as BetterHelp are very helpful.

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So if you’re located in California and looking for online therapy, this guide will answer all your questions.

Why Online Therapy?

Online therapy has many benefits that people have only fully realized recently:

  • Remote Access: You can do online therapy virtually from anywhere. This allows people located in remote areas with little to no access to therapists to get therapy as well.
  • Affordable Rates: Many therapists and therapy platforms giving therapy online exclusively have more affordable rates that may be easier to cover even out of pocket.
  • Time Flexibility: Online therapy makes it easier to see a therapist at your convenience, including evenings and weekends.
  • Instant Availability: Many online therapists, especially on platforms, are available for instant communication through text or audio calls as well.

Does Insurance Cover Online Therapy in California?

Before the pandemic, online therapy wasn’t readily covered under healthcare insurance plans in the US. Normally, you could only see the therapist in your coverage, and that would typically be a face-to-face session in the therapist’s office.

However, since the pandemic, things have changed. As telehealth became a norm for doctor consultations and therapy, insurers had to change their policy and start covering online therapy sessions as well, in addition to normal therapy.

As you already know, in California and in the US, in general, healthcare is a little complicated. So even with online therapy being covered under insurance, things aren’t so straightforward. You have to ensure that the therapist you’re seeing online is, in fact, covered by your insurance.

Most therapists will have a list of insurance plans they accept. So while searching for a therapist, you can visit their website to see if your plan is among the ones they accept. However, calling in the office and inquiring is an, even more, sure-fire way to confirm.

Calling your insurance provider is also a good idea. They can guide you about where you can find therapists who are covered under your specific plan and provide online therapy.

As for therapy providing online psychologist California, the rules may vary. Many platforms do accept insurance, while others work independently and don’t take any kind of insurance. You should check the platform website before signing up to ensure whether they accept insurance and if they do, whether yours is included.

Looking for a specialist?
Get matched with the right online therapist for you.

To support the work of the people working on, we may receive compensation if you sign up for online counseling through the links provided.

Medicaid or Medicare

What about Medicaid or Medicare? Are those accepted for online therapy? Much like private insurers, Medicare is also covering online therapy. This also includes Medicare Advantage Plans.

As for Medicaid, the actual rules vary by state, but as of now, most states are allowing online therapy to be covered under this public healthcare insurance plan. You should inquire with the therapist you’re interested in or visit the California Medicaid website (Medi-Cal).

Similarly, the online therapy platform may or may not accept either Medicaid or Medicare. You’ll need to check their website to confirm.

How to Find an Online Therapist in California?

Finding an online therapist in California is not that difficult as there are many avenues to get online therapy. With online therapy, you don’t necessarily need to limit yourself to therapists located within the state or your city; you can work with a therapist anywhere in the world as long as they are a good match for you.

That said, you may want to find someone located near you, so that you may also have the option to see them in person if need be.

There are basically two options for you when it comes to online therapy California: a therapist who provides online therapy or a therapist on an online therapy platform.

Let’s quickly explore both options:

Online Therapy Platforms

A more convenient option for online therapy in California is using an online therapy platform. These days, there are numerous online platforms that have both general and specialized therapists, often at affordable rates.

One of the most popular platforms for online therapy is, which features only licensed therapists from California and other states. As the best online therapy California platform, you may also be able to match with a therapist who speaks Spanish.

Keep in mind that many of these online platforms, including BetterHelp, do not accept insurance and work on a subscription-based model. You’ll need to pay out of pocket, but the rates are reasonable when compared with therapist rates in the state.

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Therapist Providing Online Therapy

You can search for a therapist based in California or anywhere else who provides therapy online and may be covered by your insurance provider. Here are some ways you can find such a therapist:

  • Search online on Google for ‘online therapy near me’ or in your particular town or city.
  • Check with your insurance provider for a list of therapists, especially those who provide the online option.
  • Search online directories.
  • Ask a friend or family for an online therapist recommendation.

If you’re seeking a particular type of therapy, for example, EMDR online or MBT, make sure that the therapist you choose specializes and provides that therapy.

Wrap Up

At the end of the day, the best online therapy in California is with a psychologist you click with. Now, this could be someone in your insurance network or on a therapy platform. The benefit of going with a platform is that you don’t really have to search a lot. However, it may not be covered by insurance.

If you only want to see a therapist online covered by insurance, make sure to check with both the provider and the insurer before going forward and booking a session.


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