So you just searched ‘online therapy Colorado’ and got bombarded with so many links and results. Your confusion is understandable. Online therapy has become increasingly popular in recent times, which has only increased options. Still, weeding out what’s right for you is quite a task.

For this very reason, this article will help you understand your options when looking for online therapy in the Centennial State.

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For perspective, 15.3 percent of Colorado residents reported poor mental health in 2019. This number has increased year over year, and we don’t even know the numbers yet after the Covid-19 pandemic hit that in itself was a mental health disaster.

Online therapy platforms may just be the answer to the state’s growing need for counseling and treatment for mental health disorders and other problems.

But first, let’s answer some important questions first

Does Insurance Cover Online Therapy in Colorado?

Mental health coverage is dependent on a number of factors, including what kind of insurance you have and what state legislature says about it.

The good news is that the Colorado State government (as per federal laws) requires health insurance providers to cover mental health services the same way they cover other medical services. So if you’re buying health insurance from a private company in Colorado, your therapy sessions are most likely covered under the program.

Your therapy sessions will be paid for the same way as consultations with other doctors. You will co-pay part of the session fee, while the insurance will cover the rest of it.

However, this doesn’t always guarantee that insurance may cover all therapy. Depending on your health insurance plan, you may be required to see a therapist within the network (HMO plans). In such a case, if you see a therapist outside the network, you’ll be responsible for the session fee, as your insurer won’t cover it.

Now, this coverage is for traditional therapy usually. Some insurance providers typically don’t cover online therapy. However, ever since the pandemic hit the country, these policies have been relaxed, allowing coverage for online therapy sessions.

Again it’s best to check with your insurance provider first whether online therapy is covered and which therapists are covered. Since these nitty-gritty details vary by company and plan, the coverage can vary case by case.

Medicare and Medicaid

Can those with Medicare or Medicaid see online psychologist Colorado? Fortunately, yes. Medicare has allowed coverage for telehealth services now, which also includes psychotherapy. You’ll most likely be paying the same amount that you were paying earlier to see the therapist in person.

As for the state-run Medicaid (Health First Colorado), it also covers mental health services, including in-person and online therapy. However, prior authorization may be needed sometimes.

If you’re enrolled in any of these government-run programs, make sure to ask the therapist you want to see first whether they accept these insurance programs. You can also check online which therapists do accept them and provide online therapy.

Looking for a specialist?
Get matched with the right therapist for you online.

To support the work of the people working on, we may receive compensation if you sign up for online counseling through the links provided.

How to Find Online Therapists in Colorado?

For starters, you don’t necessarily need to find a therapist based in Colorado. One of the advantages of going for therapy online is that you can see a therapist from anywhere, and they can see you from anywhere. This essentially eliminates the need to find an in-state therapist.

Nevertheless, for various reasons, you may want to see a psychologist based in your home state, most commonly for insurance reasons.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you should always see a therapist who has the license to practice in the state, whether it’s in-person therapy or online. This may also be important for insurance coverage.

So when looking for online therapy Colorado, here’s where you should look:

Online Therapy Platforms

Of all the options, online therapy platforms are the most convenient, as you can connect with a therapist anywhere in Colorado or even somewhere else in the US.

There are numerous platforms today offering online therapy, but offers the best online therapy Colorado. You can easily find any kind of licensed therapist located in Colorado, such as holistic therapist, lgbtq+ couple counseling therapist and much more. And since this platform doesn’t accept insurance, you don’t necessarily have to stick with a therapist located in the state.

Don’t worry, online platforms like BetterHelp are usually a lot more affordable. So even if insurance doesn’t cover it, you’ll most likely be paying the same amount as a co-pay for in-person therapy.

Mental Health Clinics

Colorado also has mental health clinics where psychotherapists provide mental health services. These are a good place to search for a therapist, especially if you’re looking for someone who specializes in a specific area of therapy or type of therapy.

You can search for a clinic near you or really anywhere in the state that provides therapy online. Just go to their website and see the list of therapists and whether they provide online therapy.

online psychologist colorado

Psychologist Directories

Like in the old times, directories are very helpful. But now you don’t have to manually search in a heavy book. In fact, you can search rather easily on online directories that often just require your location information (city/town name or postcode).

Wrap Up

Finding the best online therapy Colorado isn’t that difficult if you know where exactly to look. Avoid wasting your time and try one of the options outlined above to find a therapist that works for you.

Regardless of where you end up finding a therapist and whether they are covered by your insurance, the most important thing is that they should be a good match for you. If you have specific problems you need help with, like a mental disorder, make sure to include that in your search and go with a therapist who is qualified to provide therapy for your condition.


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