Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports: Positive Affirmation for Mental Health

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Positive behavior interventions and support involve practical tools and strategies that schools can use to improve their students’ social, emotional, and behavioral well-being.

It is based on the idea that human beings, particularly children, thrive in settings with clear expectations, consistent reinforcement, and targeted interventions.

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What are Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support?

Positive behavioral interventions and support, or PBIS, is an all-encompassing framework that schools use to:

  • Promote good behavior
  • Improve social skills
  • Boost academic performance
  • Keep everyone safe

The main thing about the PBIS approach is that it focuses on prevention. Positive behavioral interventions and supports encourage positive behaviors while preventing or addressing challenging behaviors. Schools that use PBIS achieve this by teaching students about behavior expectations. When children know what is expected, they are more likely to meet those expectations.

The key is to set clear, concise, and positively worded expectations for behavior so that everyone at school knows what is expected of them. With PBIS, schools teach positive behavior strategies just like any other subject. The main idea behind PBIS is to prevent issues rather than use punishment to model behavior.

What are Positive Behavior Strategies?

Positive behavior strategies, also known as positive behavior, supports (PBS), are helpful approaches teachers can use to improve students’ behavior. PBS techniques are proactive and backed by research.

Strategies such as respectfully redirecting students, using nonverbal signals, or giving students brain breaks to help them change their challenging behavior can be beneficial when trying to manage students’ behavior, especially when it gets in the way of teaching, helping teachers handle difficult behavior and teach and reinforce new skills.

Three Tiers of Support

PBIS provides support to students and staff through three tiers:

Tier 1: involves universal expectations and strategies that benefit all students.

Tier 2: Offers extra support to students who need help meeting behavior expectations.

Tier 3: offers more targeted assistance to students who experience ongoing challenging behavior.

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How Can Positive Affirmation for Mental Health Contribute to PBIS?

Positive affirmation for mental health involves repeating positive statements about oneself and creating a positive self-image. Positive affirmation can be used in PBIS to build a sense of self-worth and belonging among children, teachers, and school personnel.

Positive affirmation for mental health encourages the target behavior rather than phrases such as “If you don’t do that, then…” that threaten students and cause stress.

Also, positive affirmations for mental health help cultivate a growth mindset. Growth-oriented individuals are ready to learn and improve, which can result in a more respectful and supportive environment and improved behavioral outcomes.

Finally, positive affirmations boost a child’s independence by developing their competence and confidence. This is essential for positive behavioral strategies and support because it motivates kids to make better decisions and engage in positive behaviors.


Positive behavior strategies and supports use evidence-based and proactive ways to model behavior and make a positive environment for better social, emotional, academic, and behavioral outcomes. Through its tiered support system, PBIS ensures everyone has the tools they need to succeed and improve.

Within PBIS, positive affirmations can be a good way to improve mental health and change behavior.

To support the work of the people working on TherapyHunter.com, we may receive compensation if you sign up for online counseling through the links provided.

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