Redecision therapy is a successful method for assisting individuals in overcoming various forms of trauma in their life. To pinpoint current problem areas, recent emotional experiences, and unconscious protection systems, therapists employ diagnostic questions. 

The therapy may be a successful tool for assisting divorcing couples in moving ahead with their lives when they are prepared to let down their defenses and take an active role in their emotional well-being.

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Price Comparison for Redecision Therapy

Sessions for in-person counseling duration last between 45 to 60 minutes and cost between $100 to $300 each. Some therapists who are in great demand even charge extra.

Your therapist will support you as you work through your mental health problems and will mentor you as you go through therapy. 

When compared to the average cost of in-person treatment sessions. BetterHelp is much less expensive. Therapy with BetterHelp costs $60 to $90 per week.

You can decide on the communication method and the appointment time for the therapy that works best for you. Life quality can be significantly enhanced by therapy. 

BetterHelp is an excellent option if you discover that online treatment and live sessions are just as beneficial and effective for you as traditional, in-person therapy.

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$60 to $90 per week

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What Is Redecision Therapy? 

The core aspect of redecision therapy is the idea that decisions made by adults are influenced by the lessons learned from their parents and other caregivers as children.

Current decision-making processes are informed by these messages and prior choices, which occasionally have unfavorable consequences. Individuals can go through these signals and any previous bad judgments in redecision therapy to figure out what is not working. 

Through the use of introspective investigation and experiential procedures, individuals in therapy may be able to acquire new meanings and put an end to self-defeating decision-making patterns. Transactional analysis (TA) and Gestalt Therapy are combined in redecision therapy. 

The assessment and contracting stages of therapy, when the client collaborates with the therapist to create a clear set of objectives and an outline of the treatment plan, have been found to benefit from the organized approach of TA. 

The Goal of Redecision Therapy

A evaluation of all actions made that could have an impact on a present difficult circumstance is the ultimate objective of redecision therapy

This kind of treatment frequently enables people to identify the unfavorable implications of a circumstance and learn how to let go of the feelings and messages that are associated with it. A person may be able to approach the healing process in retrospect thanks to this method.

Although past experiences are not extensively studied, they are thought to be a crucial element in encouraging changes in behavior that can lead to a more fulfilling feeling of well-being.

Looking for a specialist?
Get matched with a redecision therapist online.

To support the work of the people working on, we may receive compensation if you sign up for online counseling through the links provided.

What Happens in Redecision Therapy?

A typical initial step in redecision therapy is for the client to collaborate with the therapist to create a written contract outlining the changes they want to make. 

The therapist will carry out several examinations to learn more about the messages that person has internalized from their upbringing and will work with that individual in treatment to identify which messages are incorrect, unnecessary, or dangerous.

Furthermore, the therapist will seek to assist the patient in developing new messages and beliefs, inspiring the patient to identify and nurture elements of the “real self.” First-person narratives are investigated throughout therapy.

While studying the first-person narratives, a patient may use language and emotion to describe current events and, with the therapist’s assistance, recognize and investigate how past memories are reproduced in present interactions. 

To change how one interacts with the outside world, one may be able to discern the implications and meanings of the messages or directives via therapy and decide which to keep and which to release.

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How To Find A Therapist Online or Near Me?

Online Therapy

The way we live seems to be shifting more and more online, and therapy is not an exception. Virtual therapy or online therapy has many benefits, especially if you prefer using it as a substitute for in-person sessions while staying inside.

Finding and switching therapists as required is made simple with BetterHelp. Your odds of receiving worthwhile therapy are, therefore, quite strong. Each therapist has a profile with information about them, including their biography, areas of expertise, and therapeutic methods. 

To learn more about the quality of the therapist’s services, read all the reviews left by former clients. You will gain a useful understanding from this information about your therapist and their capacity to address your requirements.

Google Search

You can look for a therapist online by using the keyword “Find A Therapist Online or Near Me” on the search box at The search engine will suggest several therapists near your area.

Psychiatrists are doctors who specialize in mental health. They may perform treatment alone or in collaboration with other therapists. Different training does not imply that one kind of therapist is superior to another. 

Before you commit to one therapist, some therapists provide free consultations. Use that opportunity to get to know the therapist’s interpersonal style and gauge your comfort level. 

Tell your therapist the truth if you ever feel uncomfortable. They will not take it personally and may even help you find a new therapist.

List Down Your Requirements

Most therapists provide a list of their techniques. If you are familiar with several methods and you know what you want, that’s excellent. Do not worry if not. You can wait to ask the therapist about their technique or research the many broad approaches online.

On the other hand, some people strongly prefer a certain demographic, age, gender, and other factors. Unfortunately, finding someone that exactly fits your requirements might be challenging. 

The good news is that even if a therapist does not exactly meet your original requirements, you can still have a successful and fruitful relationship with them. 

Location is another else you might want to think about. Selecting a local therapist who works close to your home, workplace, or academic institution is beneficial. By doing this, the strain of travel, planning, and time is reduced. 


In the initial sessions, you can determine whether you connect with the therapist. The first few therapy sessions sometimes seem awkward since they can be uncomfortable. 

However, if you sense that the therapist creates a place of emotional safety and at-ease physical limits, that’s a key indicator of whether or not the two of you are a good fit. 

If the therapist crosses your emotional or physical limits, it is a clue that you are not a good fit. Try to make an appointment with a different therapist instead.

The Bottomline

Redecision therapy worn-out neural circuits that prevent us from making the changes we want are rewired using the emotional brain.  The patient is the focus of the treatment. 

Along with concepts created to characterize the procedures employed in redecision therapy, the idea of transactional analysis serves as a conceptual foundation. It educates individuals on how to comprehend, identify, and react to others who may be going through a mental health crisis. 

By using online platforms such as BetterHelp you can avail a variety of treatment sessions and match with the best therapist based on your needs with the help of their intelligent algorithm.

But like with any therapy, the benefit comes when you discover the therapist you can establish a solid routine and working connection with.


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