is a web-based therapy platform dedicated solely to couples counseling. Its goal is to assist people with their relationship and marriage challenges by offering simple access to relationship counselors.

Furthermore, they aim to offer their services without any hassles of scheduling and attending traditional face-to-face counseling in an office. Individuals or couples can use their smartphones or computers to get ReGain counseling anytime and wherever they want.

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Looking for counseling?
Get matched with the therapist that you need online. : Price Comparison With In-Person Therapy

In-person therapy costs $100 to $200 per session which lasts for an hour. The prices can increase according to your location and the expertise of the counselor.

On the other hand, ReGain offers two subscription packages:

  • $60 to $90 per week 
  • $240 to $360 per month depending on who you are paired with and where you live.

Furthermore, you can discuss your relationship issues with your therapist individually or invite your partner at any time without the price change if you have a plan. 

You can also schedule weekly live phone or video sessions with your therapist. The session lasts for 30 to 45 minutes and you can message your therapist at any time in a shared chat room. In-Person Therapy

$60 to $90 per week

(Weekly live sessions, unlimited messaging, and 30 to 45 minutes of video and phone calls)

$100 to $200 per session

(1-hour session)

$240 to $360 per month

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ReGain is a part of the long-established and acclaimed online counseling platform known as BetterHelp, which was founded in 2016. 

BetterHelp holds all of its counselors to extremely high criteria in terms of expertise and credentials. ReGain is a relationship therapy service that operates exclusively online. 

Anyone who is facing relationship issues may benefit from ReGain. Anxiety, anger issue, depression, grief, and addiction are among the topics that therapists on the platform can help with.

In order to attain their services, you must first create an account and you will be assigned to a professional psychologist, therapist, or counselor according to your requirement. 

You can work with a therapist for individual counseling, couples counseling, or general therapeutic assistance no matter where you are. 

If you are still paying your monthly subscription, these sessions can run as long as you need them to. You and your counselor can talk about any relationship issue, no matter how big or little it appears to be.

Benefits of Using Therapy

No matter where you are, ReGain provides convenient and high-quality relationship counseling at a cheaper cost than traditional therapy. From the comfort of your own home, ReGain links you with highly qualified and specialized relationship counselors.

You will have the ability to message your therapist at any time as well as weekly, real-time counseling sessions by live chat, phone, or video call. ReGain is less expensive than traditional couples counseling. 

ReGain gives you the advantage to schedule counseling appointments when you and your partner or just you are available. Moreover, ReGain makes counseling available to you where and when it is convenient for you.

Looking for counseling?
Get matched with the therapist that you need online.

To support the work of the people working on, we may receive compensation if you sign up for online counseling through the links provided.

Professional Therapy

ReGain is for those individuals who want to enhance their relationships. Counselors at ReGain are qualified to assist you in preventing or navigating a separation or divorce, as well as dealing with your personal difficulties.

All ReGain counselors must be licensed to operate in their native state and possess a master’s degree or a doctorate. Furthermore, they should have at least three years of experience.

Counselors, psychologists, social workers, or therapists, have state certification and at least 1,000 hours of practice for state accreditation. You can be confident that they all have a special interest in and experience with relationship counseling.

With over 10,000 qualified counselors on their site, you will almost certainly discover someone that meets your requirements. You will be assigned to a therapist who meets all your requirements and whose approach works best for you.

Furthermore, ReGain offers a unique opportunity to sample multiple forms of treatment without having to wait. You can use ReGain for as long as you like, and you can switch counselors at any time if it is not working for you.


ReGain makes it simple to discover and get relationship counseling. All an individual needs to do is complete a survey about their goals and background information, and the program will match them with a counselor who fulfills their requirements. 

Simply start talking to your counselor to get the help you need. Since ReGain is just for adults and those without a legal guardian, you would not be able to have a counselor work with a child.

ReGain can help your relationship no matter where you are in the world. As you are on a live phone or video conversation with your counselor and partner, there are no location limits. ReGain handles three-line calls.

You can contact ReGain customer service for assistance at any time by using their in-browser email form. 

Other administrative activities, such as changing counselors and getting a copy of all of your personal information, are handled using identical online forms. Your counselor will also be able to help you with a variety of things.


Both secrecy and technological privacy are areas where ReGain thrives. All of your information is kept private for as long as is legally possible. ReGain refuses to deal with insurance companies in order to keep your information private. 

However, only if you are a danger to yourself or others, or if there is a current child or elder abuse, will you be exempt. You are free to remove messages and your therapist does not need to know your real name.

In their browser and on their servers, ReGain uses top-of-the-line banking-quality encryption. They additionally jumble their databases across many physical places so that any information discovered in the unlikely case of a hack or data theft is essentially useless.

regain therapy cost, Therapy

Cost of Regain Therapy

Depending on your location and therapeutic needs, ReGain costs $60 to $90 every week, invoiced once a month (every four weeks) at $240 to $360 per month. 

This is still significantly less expensive than the traditional therapy prices of a relationship therapist, which average around $100 to $200 per session.

If you cannot afford ReGain’s price plan, they have a few financial aid alternatives that can help you save money based on your current salary, dependents, demographic data, and veteran status.

Counseling Price with Insurance

ReGain is not in-network with any health insurance plans. However, if you want to try for partial reimbursement, the company will supply you with a thorough receipt to submit to your insurer. 

At any time, you can add your companion. You can also cancel your subscription before the next monthly cycle begins at any time. 

On the other hand, you can request financial aid during signup if you are having financial difficulties and cannot afford the usual charge.

Verdict stands out since it is exclusively made for therapy for relationship issues. It enables couples to get counseling without needing to be physically present by using a number of communication channels. 

Furthermore, ReGain could be perfect for you if you cannot go to therapy in person and want to improve your relationship. ReGain counselors have received extensive training and certification.

ReGain counselors have master’s or doctorate degrees and are licensed by their respective state boards. If you are having relationship issues and think it is time to seek professional help, an online counseling service like ReGain can be a good alternative.

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