Not knowing which therapist to choose is one of the main obstacles keeping people from getting the help they need with their mental health issues. When attending the first session with therapists it becomes easy to decide if the therapist is right for you.

Unlike traditional therapy, online platforms such as BetterHelp lets you change your therapist without any hassle. You can compare hundreds of qualified psychotherapists, therapists, and counselors through online therapy platforms.

More young people than ever are currently experiencing mental health issues, and the majority of them are not receiving the necessary support they need. It takes self-awareness to acknowledge that you need help in order to schedule your first online therapy consultation. We will answer your questions about your first online therapy consultation after scheduling an appointment with your therapist.

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Price Comparison for Therapy Consultation

Traditional in-person therapy’s average cost is $100 to $300 for an hour long session. 

However, commuting to the therapist’s office can be challenging and expensive for some individuals. Therefore, most individuals opt for attaining online therapy from BetterHelp.

BetterHelp costs $60 to $90 weekly and you can message your therapist at anytime, an option that is not usually available with in-person therapy. Through online therapy, you can attend therapy in an environment you find comfortable.

In-Person Therapy BetterHelp
$100 to $300 per session

$60 to $90 per week

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online therapy consultation

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How To Prepare For Your First Online Therapy Consultation?

It is ideal to be ready before a therapy session so you can benefit the most from experience. Online counseling is different from traditional therapy because it lets you decide on the therapist you are comfortable with and lets you talk about your problems whenever you choose.

It is now easier and more economical for individuals who have never had treatment. To prepare for your first online therapy consultation, it is essential to decide the communication channel you prefer, such as text, audio, or video. 

Check to see if your communication medium, such as your computer, tablet, or smartphone, is operating. Make sure that the microphone and video are operational. 

Furthermore, your internet connection determines how clear your video call will be. You can use a private Wi-Fi connection if you want your experience to be secure and lag-free.

Public connections are frequently unstable and easily hackable. Having a backup internet connection is always a good idea because even personal Wi-Fi connections might break.

Online therapy consultation may make you feel happier and less anxious. However, it is not easy to reach that state. As you start therapy, you should select what will make you feel the most comfortable such as taking notes or planning your therapy session goals.

Questions To Think About Before Your First Online Therapy Consultation

Spend some time before your first session deciding what you would like to talk about during therapy. Take some notes to assist you in remembering the specific issues you want to discuss. Following are the questions to ponder:

  • What are your therapy objectives?
  • What is the outcome you are hoping to achieve?
  • What emotion do you want to address?
  • What coping mechanisms are you currently using?
  • What would you like to change?

After your initial sessions, you can feel worse when exploring challenging memories or topics. You will develop and change in healthy ways if you are willing to confront difficult emotions and attempt to understand them. 

You will learn that online therapy is a worthwhile investment of your time and money with the aid of a skilled therapist who safeguards your confidentially, patiently listens, and politely confronts you.

Looking for a therapy?
Get a therapy consultation online with the specialist that you need.

To support the work of the people working on, we may receive compensation if you sign up for online counseling through the links provided.

What To Expect From Your First Online Therapy Consultation?

An initial online therapy consultation is a chance for you to determine whether you and the therapist might work well together. 

Since there is no actual waiting area in teletherapy, you will join the online session via the link your therapist provides once you have settled into your location and have a reliable internet connection. 

This will lead you to a private area inside your therapist’s HIPAA-secure virtual meeting program that serves as a virtual “waiting room”. You will then wait for your therapist to begin your private session. 

You should expect the therapist to ask you many questions during the first session.

The majority of the questions your therapist will ask you will be open-ended. This keeps the therapist from doing too much steering while simultaneously allowing you to reflect and open up.

Your online therapist will ask questions about yourself, your symptoms, and your coping mechanism. Furthermore, you can also discuss what you expect, therapy goals, and other topics.

You can ask the therapist how they will conduct your sessions, what types of therapy they will use, and determine whether you click with them and start to form a connection. The first online therapy consultation allows the therapist to learn more about you and your objectives. 

After the consultation, if you are unhappy with the session, some online platforms such as BetterHelp allow you to change your therapists without additional cost.

Most Common Therapy Consultation Questions

Being honest and open with your therapist will benefit you. Furthermore, you may not go into every aspect of your life depending on the treatment you receive or the number of sessions you attend. Following are the questions they may ask you:

  • What is the reason you are seeking therapy?
  • How long have these symptoms existed?
  • Why did you decide to begin therapy?
  • Have you previously gone to therapy? 
  • What do you expect from the therapy?
  • How did you grow up in terms of your relationships?
  • Do your parents, siblings, or any family member have a history of mental illness?
  • What was your experience in school?
  • How did you handle past challenges in different circumstances?
  • What coping mechanisms do you use?
  • What do you do to pass the time?
  • What is your living condition?
  • How is your work or academic life?
  • What is your eating schedule?
  • What is your sleeping schedule?
  • Do you use any drugs? Or has anyone in your life used drugs?
  • Have you ever been hospitalized before?
  • Have you ever had suicidal thoughts?

If some questions make you feel uncomfortable, you can inform your therapist. If you feel uncomfortable and do not want to answer certain questions, do not let them push you for an answer.

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Is Online Therapy Worth It?

Therapy, unlike certain medical consultations, can be conducted virtually. As most types of psychotherapies involve communication and guidance, it’s easy for therapists and counselors to conduct sessions over the phone or via video call. 

For clients, online therapy provides convenience, safety, and saving, as online therapy is relatively cheaper than going into a clinic. 

More importantly, research has shown that online therapy is just as effective as face-to-face therapy. One study, published in BMC Psychology, involving students with psychological stress, showed that virtual therapy was not different from in-person therapy. 

Seek Help Today!

An excellent replacement for conventional in-person treatment is online counseling. It will likely continue to be popular because of its convenience and effectiveness. 

Most of the time, what you say to your therapist during your online therapy session will remain private. Millions of people worldwide benefit from online therapy to feel their best.

BetterHelp is the industry pioneer in certified mental health services and online treatment that are intended to help individuals feel better without ever leaving their homes. Through the confidential, encrypted app, you can privately chat with your therapist whenever you want.


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