Why CBT Doesn’t Work for Trauma & PTSD? Tips By A Therapist

CBT focuses on symptoms, not root causes, making it ineffective for trauma and PTSD.

CBT attempts to modify behavior by questioning beliefs, but trauma-driven patterns are difficult to change.

EMDR is a more successful approach for trauma and PTSD, but finding experts can be challenging and expensive.

Online therapy platforms like BetterHelp offer affordable short-term therapies like EMDR for trauma treatment.

Traditional therapy for trauma can cost $65 to $250+ per hour, while online platforms like BetterHelp range from $60 to $90 weekly.

Trauma and PTSD have long-term consequences and can affect daily activities and functioning.

PTSD symptoms can be triggered by reminders of traumatic events, and each person's experience is unique.

CBT aims to modify negative thinking patterns, while various types of CBT treatments exist, such as DBT and cognitive therapy.

CBT falls short in addressing trauma's underlying causes, making it less effective than EMDR in treating trauma and PTSD.

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